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Snapshots: Upper School

No matter the day of the week or the time of the day, there are always amazing things happening in the classrooms at the Upper School. Block 2 on Wednesday, September 21 was no exception. From discussing class consciousness to investigating bacterial lab results, exploring a variety of art media to critiquing forms of graphic design, Upper School students dove into their classes with excitement. 

Top Moments from the Upper School Grade-level Retreats

At the start of every school year, each Upper School class takes part in an overnight camping trip. These trips allow students to bond together and kick the year off, and is a great chance to for them connect or reconnect with their grade and advisory groups. We asked students to reflect on their top moment from the retreat. 

Snapshots: Lower School

The halls were abuzz on this week as Lower School students could be heard singing, playing, reading, and calculating! We invite you to learn more about a variety of class activities below.

I Still Believe in Magic

At the Class of 2023 graduation, Riyana Srihari '23 shared these remarks.

"This Class of 2023 has endless faith in each other’s good intentions, and the strong sense of trust that binds our grade together is earned and reaffirmed every single day..."

The Hummingbird and the Seagull

At the Class of 2023 graduation, Colin Cham '23 shared these remarks. 

"Four years and 0 score ago, our 9th grade selves first arrived on the upper school campus..."

Dispatch from the Field: Highlights from Upper School and 5th Grade Trips

Our Upper School students, as well as our 5th graders, are traveling in places both near and far this week! From the warm waters of Bonaire to the cool shores of Monterey, the gold of Versailles to the steps of the oldest temple in Taipei, our students are truly engaging with cultures and practices very different than their own. A few students share their favorite moments from their latest adventures.

Lee Fertig

Head of School

"Nueva is more than just a school for gifted learners. It’s more than just a place where students focus on design thinking and social emotional learning. It’s a beloved community, inclusive and compassionate, collectively embracing diverse perspectives and empowering everyone to make choices that benefit the world."

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