Restricted Funds, Special Funds, and Endowment Funds

Seeded by the generosity of community members, gifts to restricted and special funds allow us to designate support to specific purposes. Endowed funds have been established and maintained by tribute gifts in memory of and/or in honor of the named individual. 

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Restricted and Special Funds

The Daniel Chu Memorial Fund, an endowed fund, provides support for The DLC Award. These awards recognize and honor dedicated staff and faculty of the Nueva School that embody similar characteristics to Dan. He was a warm, thoughtful, and brilliant person with diverse interests, from history to engineering to business to travel. Dan came prepared for every situation, bringing a different and creative perspective. His infectious energy and optimism motivated others to try something new and to give their best effort. 

Each year, based on nominations by the student body, a total of six faculty and/or staff, two from each division, will each be awarded a monetary gift at the end of the school year.

The Joey Kovacevich Memorial Fund, an endowed fund, provides ongoing support for the Joey Kovacevich Social Innovation Fellowship. The fellowship is awarded to students or groups who have designed something that will solve a specific problem and benefit the world, and take the project out of the prototyping phase and into action in the real world. This fund honors both Joey’s passion for innovation and social good.

Applicants for the Joey Kovacevich Social Innovation Fellowship submit an essay that includes what the project is, how it will benefit the world, implementation timeline, project budget photos or drawings of a prototype to a committee for selection. 

Endowment Funds

Endowment funds are permanent capital that provides a perpetual source of support for Nueva. These funds provide a 4-5 percent draw that supplements Nueva’s operating budget, helping cover annual expenses.

General Endowment: Support to Nueva’s General Endowment provides more financial flexibility to meet annual needs and reflect the overall health of the school. A large endowment for Nueva ensures stability for the school to withstand economic downturns, unexpected declines in enrollment and philanthropic support. 

Endowment for Financial Assistance: Support to The Endowment for Financial Assistance enables Nueva to support gifted students in need throughout their entire Nueva experience. This support may include learning support, testing, trips, transportation, and more.

Endowment for Professional Development: Support to The Endowment for Professional Development provides ongoing resources for faculty and staff to engage in internal and external professional development opportunities so Nueva can remain a leader in gifted education and advance Mission II. In addition to providing resources for professional development, support to The Endowment for Professional Development provides resources for continual revisions to our curricula and host our sought-after institutes.

Menuhin Endowment Fund: Support to the Menuhin Endowment Fund provides resources for the Menuhin-Dowling program, a performance-oriented music program for students in grades 1–8. The program encourages students to deepen musical knowledge across disciplines, including theory, practice, and performance. 

Please email the Development Office or call 650-350-4518 if you have any further questions.