Nueva Fund + Realize the Potential

We are inviting our community members to make both the Nueva Fund + Realize the Potential (RTP)—our capital campaign—their philanthropic priorities.

Tuition alone does not cover the cost of a Nueva education. Our community’s annual support of the Nueva Fund helps nurture the magic that our students experience every day.

In addition to the Nueva Fund, we periodically seek financial support for significant capital projects and for our endowment. Capital campaigns are investments in the school’s future: they make bold visions of what Nueva can be. And by investing in the future, they serve generations of students to come.

This fall of 2022, we are pleased to bring our capital campaign, Realize the Potential, to a resounding conclusion—with support from the entire Nueva community.

To ensure our success, a generous anonymous donor has offered to match each dollar given or pledged to the campaign by December 31, 2022, up to $2 million with renewed Nueva Fund support. That means every family who makes a gift to the RTP campaign and a Nueva Fund gift, will unlock a dollar-for-dollar match of their campaign gift! 

Donors making RTP gifts of any size with an accompanying Nueva Fund gift will be included on recognition plaques on both our Hillsborough and San Mateo campuses. 

Double Your Gifts!
Until December 31, 2022, all new gifts to Nueva Fund + Realize the Potential will unlock a dollar-for-dollar match!

graphic comparing the impact of the Nueva Fund vs. the Realize the Potential capital campaign

The Nueva Fund–Our Most Important Fund

Most Nueva parents (and students!) agree there’s something magic about our school. The Nueva Fund makes that magic possible by supplying funds for the 10-15 percent of the annual budget that is not covered by tuition each year. 

Nueva magic sponsored by the Nueva Fund includes:

  • Exceptional faculty who are close observers of Nueva students and how they learn, providing feedback and coaching toward clear goals.
  • Student choice in learning, through Academies, Electives, Passion Projects, Recital Projects, and Quest
  • Design thinking for PreK through 12, embedded in curriculum and taught in dedicated I-Labs
  • Internationally recognized SEL program

These are just a few examples. A Nueva Fund gift “Makes the difference” and has an impact on every student, every day. Learn more about The Nueva Fund in our FAQs below, or learn more about supporting Nueva generally here.

Realize the Potential (RTP) Capital Campaign

The Realize the Potential capital campaign was launched in 2017 to resource the 2017–2022 strategic plan, funding campus improvements such as the San Mateo campus’s Diane Rosenberg Wing and the Hillsborough campus’s expanded Science and Environmental Center and expanded café and kitchen. 

With the capital projects envisioned by the 2017–2022 strategic plan completed, the RTP campaign is now focused on:

  • Institutional Sustainability, through funds for the Endowments for Professional Development and Financial Assistance
  • Capital Projects, including humanities, athletics, and arts facilities envisioned in the 2022–2027 strategic plan

Learn more about RTP in our FAQs below, or learn more about supporting Nueva generally here.

Nueva Fund FAQs

Realize the Potential (RTP) FAQs

Click on the image above to view the Nueva Fund + Realize the Potential brochure.