Endowments are charitable funds that offer a source of stability for institutions and are critical to Nueva’s financial health. Endowments are essential to support Nueva, as we continue to offer exceptional and accessible learning opportunities for gifted students.

Nueva receives returns on our endowment investments each year. These returns are generally spent at an approximate rate of 4.5 percent each fiscal year to meet current teaching, learning, and operational needs. Nueva’s endowments are a collection of many separate funds, including:

  • General endowment
  • Endowment for financial assistance
  • Endowment for professional development

Endowed funds grow over time through a combination of new contributions and investment returns, and funds are spent to both meet current needs and the needs of future generations. We remain committed to growing our endowment funds, as parents of each graduating class offer their gratitude to faculty and staff by making contributions to the endowment for professional development. The Development Team stands ready to speak with donors interested in learning more or supporting the growth of our endowments.   

Please click here for all gift inquiry and coordination.