#NuevaNosh: A perfect way to reconnect with your Nueva friends

We want to treat you and your fellow classmates to a meal or coffee! 

Nueva will pay for your coffee or meal when you dine with three or more Nueva alumni. To qualify, take a picture of all alumni at your event and send it to the alumni office along with a copy of your restaurant receipt for reimbursement*. We will mail you the reimbursement for the meal and post your picture on social media and in the alumni newsletter!


*$50 maximum. Limit one submission per alumni per calendar year. Reimbursement is for food items and non-alcoholic beverages purchased for Nueva alumni only.

Grab a coffee on us! Grab three Nueva alumni and send your receipt to alumni@nuevaschool.org
Join the #NuevaNosh program! We will reimburse your coffee or meal when you get together with three or more Nueva alumni
Reconnect with friends and faculty at Nueva