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Lunch at the Nueva School is catered by Epicurean Group. Epicurean Group develops organic, seasonal, delicious menus that cater to both the dietary needs and wants of students. They are determined to avoid frozen or prepared foods high in fats, sodium, or sugar. Epicurean Group partners with local vendors (within 150 miles of their kitchens) who share a mission of providing genuinely healthy food at the peak of freshness.

Epicurean Group is fresh, honest, and local. Dedicated to cooking from scratch, Epicurean Group uses local, sustainable food sources to provide high quality dining. Sustainable practices are a part of their core values: with a Bay Area Green Business certification, they utilize full kitchen composting, waste reduction operations, and green kitchen equipment. 

Nueva is a nut-free environment, so our daily menu does not include peanuts, almonds, cashews, coconut, or any other nuts. Students are provided with a main course, salad and sandwich bar, and side dishes every day as well as fruit for snacks throughout the afternoon.

Peanut and Tree-Nut Policy

Nueva is a nut-free school. We ask you to refrain from bringing foods that contain nuts to campus. Foods labeled “may contain peanuts or tree nuts” are prohibited. However, foods labeled “produced in a facility” that processes nuts are acceptable for personal consumption.

This policy applies to all school events, including social events, transportation, and school trips, whether local or out-of-country. This policy also applies on busses and shuttles. For more information, please refer to the Nueva Handbook.

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