The arts provide important forms of expression, ingenuity, and creativity. They are a vital part of the Nueva experience.

In addition to learning technical skills through a variety of art disciplines, Nueva students develop critical soft skills: understanding life through multiple perspectives, empathizing with others, and contributing artistically to the world around them. 

Through the arts, we want our gifted learners to:

  • Follow their creativity and passions
  • Develop a lifelong passion to use the arts as a language of expression, regardless of the discipline they are working in
  • Maintain an undiluted desire to explore and create
  • Experience and interpret the vast world of historical and contemporary art

We invite you to explore the ways in which the arts are intrinsically woven into the student experience. 

Visual Arts

Additional Arts Programs

Private Music Instruction

In addition to classroom music and choral instruction, Nueva students can participate in our outstanding instrumental-music program. Nationally recognized professional musicians from around the Bay Area offer individual instruction on many musical instruments and disciplines, including violin, piano, guitar, flute, drums, voice, and electric bass.

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Menuhin-Dowling Music Program

The Menuhin-Dowling Music program encourages students to deepen musical knowledge across disciplines, including theory, practice, and performance. Menuhin students make a significant commitment to the study of their instruments, receiving two lessons per week and performing on a regular basis with a focus on great master composers' music.

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