From arts, athletics, and enrichment to clubs, students publications, and a robust internship program, students have a variety of opportunities that allow them to further pursue their passions and areas of interest.

We invite you to explore the areas below to learn more about how our "Learn by Doing, Learn by Caring" ethos permeates all facets of student life at Nueva.


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Halloween at Nueva

On Friday, Oct. 29, our campuses were teeming with wizards, animals, minions, Greek gods, and so many other guests. No, Nueva has not greatly expanded its COVID Campus Visitor Policy; it was Halloween.

Identity Unraveled

Inspired by all the conversations she's had as equity and inclusion representative on student council, senior Fiona T. recently launched a new podcast, Identity Unraveled

Fifth-Grade Travel Week: A Deep-Dive Into Pueblo Culture

Fifth grader Raya I. shares her reflections on travel week, taking readers through the history of the Pueblo people and the activities and lessons she and her classmates engaged in to better understand their rich culture and heritage.