Nueva Intersession

Intersession is a time for high school students to develop interdisciplinary exploration with real-world experts. It is an intellectual and experiential feast of topics extending beyond the usual academic disciplines.

Students annually choose from nearly 200 seminars, intensives, and activity sessions offered by industry experts and academic presenters. Intersession takes place in the two weeks following winter break and spans a total of six days. 

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Intersession Offerings: Seminars, Activity Sessions & Intensives

There are three different types of sessions available during Intersession, and students are free to mix and match these towards their interests.


Seminars are deep dive sessions that meet two hours a day over three days. Students can experience up to four seminars during Intersession.

Activity Sessions

Stand-alone lectures, panel discussions, or interactive experiences meet one day for 90 minutes. Students can experience up to six activity sessions.


Interactive, retreat-style workshops held either on or off-campus meet all day for three days. Students can experience up to two intensives.

Colin S. '22

“Nueva is a school that motivates students to find their true voice and pursue their passions. In my time here, it’s been easy to get involved because of how the school encourages us to dive into all of our passions.”

Previous Intersession Speakers

Austin Broder
Rodney Yllarza Barreto & Yaroldy Abreu Robles
Conservation Ambassadors
Lisa Faber
Lizette Marie Bruckstein
Mark Fiore

Intersession in the News

Intersession Provides Upper School Students with an Experiential and Intellectual Feast

Intersession is a time for our Upper School students to engage in hands-on, interactive seminars and activities that are often not found in a typical high school classroom. Topics range from cake decorating and leather dyeing, to boxing and yoga, to American criminal law and the theory of change. We have spotlighted four Intersession opportunities our students took part in this week. 

Portrait of Daniel, an. Upper School Nueva student

The seminar was called "How Does UPS Get Your Package to Its Destination on Time?" The three-day curriculum was taught by Keith Devlin of Stanford University and categorized as a course in Creative Math. A snippet from the class summary read as follows: "Many aspects of our lives are controlled by algorithms that make things faster, better, cheaper, more accurate, more efficient, more suited to our needs and desires..."

Portrait of Morgan, an upper school student

For tenth grader Morgan T., Intersession was a true hands-on experience. From molding a newly discovered species of dinosaur out of clay, to removing a cyst from a pig’s foot in suturing class, to making frosting rosettes on top of a cake, Morgan’s Intersession classes brought new meaning to Nueva’s motto to “learn by doing.” Morgan infused her personal creativity into each seminar and activity session.

Portrait of two upper school students, Justin and Callista

“No matter what grade you are in, you are looking forward to Intersession!” said Justin S., a senior enjoying his fourth year of Intersession. “In general, at Nueva, we are engaged, happy, and interested students and that carries through to Intersession. All of my Intersession classmates have been excited to participate.”

Portrait of upper school student Anika

I am a twelfth grader and have been a Nueva student since first grade.

For me, Intersession is six days to step outside of my comfort zone. It’s a really fun way to jump into topics I’m completely new to, and a great opportunity to take seminars rooted in my current interests.

Students Explore with Outside Experts

Nueva’s Upper School was buzzing with excitement this month as students returned from break and started the new year and term with an assortment of “amuse-bouche” explorations from baking to bioethics. The first Intersession – an event more than two years in the making - enabled students to dive deep into passions, explore new interests, and engage with experts and peers on a variety of topics and educational experiences over the first two weeks of the new year. 

Intersession: A Time to Explore Passions

“Intersession is an opportunity for kids to experience and meet authentic purveyors of their gives students an opportunity to see different permutations (of) real life (and) how people leverage what they’ve learned.”

— Linda Yates, Intersession Committee Co-chair