Upper School Global Citizenship

student group in peru

Grade 9

Ninth graders spend time outdoors in the Sierras as part of their orientation to the Upper School. Although the focus of the trip is on bonding and community-building, activities also include curricular experiences related to plant biology and California history.

Throughout the ninth-grade trip to Peru, students explore questions related to history, global studies, and environmental stewardship. This trip provides a transformational journey for our students, taking them into Latin America and the deep roots of Incan civilization to study its history and cultural anthropology.

Grade 10

Russian River
Tenth graders spend two nights on a Russian River canoeing trip at the start of the school year. They spend the days in canoes moving between sites and camping on the beaches at night, working together and connecting before the school year gains speed.

Costa Rica
Tenth-grade students travel to Costa Rica to participate in conservation and scientific research. Students form multidisciplinary connections as they study the rainforest, cloud/forest ecology, or turtle migration habits. These hands-on experiences with conservation and ecology enrich and inform their yearlong interdisciplinary work.

Grade 11

Bay Area Wilderness
The eleventh grade orientation trip sets a tone of purpose, passion, and self-empowerment as students take on the academic rigors of their third high-school year. The trip concludes with a one-hour solo reflection on students’ hopes for the year and their visions for how they will take care of themselves and others during the months ahead.

American Studies
Students select from several trip options and travel in small research teams, presenting their findings to our community upon their return. The goal of the trip is to cultivate civic awareness through place-based case studies, analyzing the social, environmental, cultural, and political forces that have shaped American identity.

Grade 12

American River
Twelfth-grade orientation starts with a whitewater rafting trip down the American River. Students navigate the river together in preparation for the exciting rapids ahead as they work towards graduation as a class.

Senior Trip
The twelfth-grade trip options shift the focus from civic awareness to civic engagement. Driven by students' passions and interests, the trips provide opportunities for participation and leadership, with a careful consideration of how to take action and engage through public service and political activism.