Middle School Writing

All Middle School students take a writing class.

Nueva writing classes develop students’ thinking and writing skills in a variety of genres. Students work on organizing arguments, developing voice, expanding vocabulary and sharpening word choice. They practice literary analysis and creative writing as well as working to support their thinking with specific examples and evidence from the texts.

middle school student writing

In keeping with interdisciplinary nature of the academic experience at Nueva, the writing program develops skills across disciplines; students read and design assignments that complement their coursework in humanities, science, math, SEL and art. Weekly meetings of teaching teams enable the development of writing curriculum that is meaningful, relevant, and impactful across the disciplines.

As students move through the writing process, they receive significant feedback from teachers and peers. They work through multiple drafts, iterating in response to suggestions. Teachers use mentor texts to model writing styles and effective structures to help students more effectively convey their ideas. Students work with and interpret increasingly challenging literature as they progress through the grades.

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Nueva students see themselves as writers from very early ages. They understand the need for revision and writing to an audience. Over the years, they develop unique voices and writing styles, and they are invested in themselves as authors.