Middle School Science

Science fosters inquiry and discovery through an integrated program of physical, chemical, earth, and life sciences. The goals are for all students to be enthusiastic about science, to be engaged in hands-on discovery of new concepts, to develop analytical-thinking skills, to become scientifically literate, and to leverage their innate curiosity toward a lifetime of independent learning. Our faculty enhances curricula with hands-on experiments, technology, and mathematical analysis and modeling.

Students looking at color liquid separating in tube in science class

The science program incorporates interdisciplinary methods that open doors to greater complexity and real-world application. Labs require students to hone their data-interpretation skills to analyze scientific problems. In addition to mathematics, humanities, arts, Design Thinking, and engineering are woven into the science program through integrated cross-curricular projects. Students learn how to observe physical phenomena and form questions and theories supported by evidence. The goal is for all students to feel excited about science by discovering concepts and being able to apply or reuse those discoveries in unexpected places.