Middle School Languages

The three language options (Spanish, Mandarin, and Japanese) are tightly integrated into the humanities curriculum, including the study of history, art, architecture, and culture. By eighth grade, teachers predominantly speak to students in their specific language of study, and pupils are expected to speak their language in class. Our young language scholars also have opportunities to practice their new language by speaking with native speakers, by interacting with exchange students visiting Nueva, and — at the end of the year — by traveling to a country in which their chosen language is spoken. Nueva's integrated approach offers a rich interdisciplinary experience for language learners.

Fifth-Grade Language Opportunity

In fifth grade, students spend six weeks studying each language offered at Nueva so that they may confidently choose their language of study for the next three years. Enthusiastic learners become acquainted with new cultural values, ideas, customs, and traditions while practicing the four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Course Descriptions

Callisto L.

Nueva student

“This year, the Nueva School sent me to Spain, and I fell in love. Living with people who spoke this language, who lived in this town, was a completely novel experience, one that, for each of us that experienced it, was simultaneously similar and unique, familiar and new — and I adored it. This was a trip of challenges, a trip of joys, and a trip of tears: a trip of life.

That experience — demanding, comforting, and new — is the essence of Nueva: this wonderful, magnificent, explosive mix of people, ideas, and challenges that shape us into unique, mismatched pieces.”