Upper School Social Justice, Equity & Inclusion

Our Upper School students are passionate, curious, critical thinkers who are drawn to big questions pertaining to justice, equity, and inclusion. The Upper School curriculum provides rich opportunities for students to immerse themselves in complex and nuanced studies of social justice issues. Given the long history of young adults’ participation in social change movements, these years of study profoundly impact their development as ethical, empathic, community-minded individuals.

Students can take such varied courses as Gender and Sexuality, Economic Inequality, Interpreting Religions, Activism 101, and Design for Social Good. They also grapple with issues of social justice in real-world ways through our intensive trips program. For example, our tenth-grade trip focuses on the impact of climate change in Costa Rica, and our eleventh-grade American Studies trips look at issues such as immigration, indigenous rights, the AIDS Movement, and race and class issues in the South.