Upper School Physical Education

Upper School physical education supports Nueva’s core educational goals and helps students capture the social, emotional, and physical benefits of fitness and healthy competition, leading to lifelong enjoyment. Nueva hosts a variety of physical education classes and interscholastic sports every year. Our physical fitness program supports core educational goals and helps students. Any of the three following options fulfills each student's graduation requirement.

Option #1: Participation on a Nueva Interscholastic Team

Students can fulfill their yearly two-season athletic requirements through a single season of an interscholastic sport. The interscholastic schedule runs for three seasons: fall, winter, and spring. Visit the Upper and Middle School Athletics page for team information. 

Option #2: Enrollment in a Physical Education Class

Students may sign up for a physical education class held before or after school. PE classes meet twice a week for 1–1.5 hours per session. Activities have included rock climbing, dance, yoga, sports conditioning, fencing, and squash in the past. 

Option #3: Outside Activity Credit

Upper school students have the option of logging activity credit outside of Nueva's offerings. In order to be eligible for PE credit, the outside supervised activity must meet a minimum of two days during the school week for at least one hour per session.

Students are responsible for maintaining an activity log to track their participation. An adult supervisor, other than a parent, must sign off on a student’s activity log for each session. Logs must be submitted to the Nueva School at the end of every month and at the conclusion of the season.

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