Upper School Clubs

Clubs are an excellent way for Nueva students to follow their passions, cultivate new interests, and connect with peers across grade levels with similar interests. Clubs are started and run by students, and they are guided by faculty advisors. 

Students at Nueva are encouraged to do the things they love, learn new things from one another, take risks in a safe and inclusive space, and develop leadership skills.

From affinity groups, shared-interest clubs, and activist groups to competition-focused groups and fitness-oriented clubs, there is bound to be a club that's right for you—and if there isn't, you can start a new one!

Having a GSA at Nueva is important to support these students and give them a safe space to celebrate, explore, and articulate their identities. GSA is also vital for creating a larger beloved community at Nueva that is respectful, accepting, and representative of all forms of difference—especially those related to gender identity and sexual orientation—but also race, ethnicity, nationality, class, religion, language, and others.

– Chris Scott, GSA faculty advisor




Students have an opportunity to join one or many of the more than 50 clubs currently offered at Nueva.

Affinity Groups

Community Service

Language & Culture

STEM & Design Thinking

Writing & Literature


Hobbies & Interests

Sports & Fitness

Visual & Performing Arts