Middle School Global Citizenship

Middle school students participate in local trips throughout the school year in preparation for their expansive trips in the spring.

Grade 6

Sixth graders go to Washington, DC, and nearby areas. This is the culminating experience of their curricular focus on American history and the Constitution. They'll get hands-on experience in understanding colonial life, visit government buildings, tour monuments and museums, and meet with Congressional representatives.

Grade 7

The seventh grade participates in a five-day outdoor program in Yosemite National Park, where they learn necessary skills for traveling and living safely in the wilderness. They will also attend the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, the culmination of their drama unit (Drama Conservatory).

Grade 8

Eighth graders journey overseas to a country whose residents speak the language they've studied in Middle School — Spanish, Japanese, or Mandarin. These international trips will include homestays with host families, attending a local school, and day trips to surrounding areas.