Lower School Math

The Nueva Lower School math program is engaging, dynamic, and explorative. Students are encouraged to experience new mathematical concepts and apply them to their own world experience. Project-based learning allows for students to investigate concepts with relevance to them and their world, as well as forge connections between theory and real life. Utilizing games, puzzles, and challenges, concepts are introduced in a fun and exciting manner. When approaching a problem, students experience how to find several solutions and understand that the process is more valuable than the “correct answer.”

The Lower School math curriculum is challenging and multifaceted. The four major content strands in the mathematics program are Data and Probability, Geometry and Measurement, Numerical Relationships and Operations, and Algebra and Functions. These strands are adapted from the state's Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Through direct investigative experiences, communication and collaboration, and questions and discussions, students build content knowledge in all four strands.