SEL_overview.jpg Social-Emotional Learning, Nueva's internationally recognized program, has been fundamental to our commitment to nurture the whole child since the school's inception in 1967. Beginning then as the groundbreaking Self-Science, it is quintessentially Nueva.

Social-Emotional acuity is not only a class or component of the curriculum, it is the culture of Nueva. From the first day a student steps on campus, they feel it: the unique way in which they are welcomed, how students reach out to them and how students relate to one another, the wonderful connectedness of faculty, staff, and families in the community, and the respect that teachers give to students and their ideas. This respect in interaction is a core value at Nueva that is immediately evident.

Once in the classroom, students’ spirit of inquiry and thirst for knowledge are propelled as they find themselves in a safe environment, where their passions are supported, their ideas welcomed and their questions encouraged. With all teachers trained in SEL, best practices are embedded everywhere: in all classroom learning, in outdoor activities, at recess, after school and on trips. It becomes an inseparable element of each community member’s personality.

The skills of SEL are formally taught at every grade level beginning in Prekindergarten, with curriculum spiraling through topics and presented in age-appropriate forms as students progress from year to year. This learning about self, others and the community gives students essential tools that enable them to:

  • Develop ability to self-regulate, managing their attention, focus and learning.
  • Take risks that enhance their growth, both personally and academically.
  • Overcome setbacks, both big and small.
  • Develop supportive relationships and embrace diversity.
  • Collaborate successfully.

Learn more about the competencies developed by Nueva’s Social-Emotional Learning program.



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