The ideal of Dr. King’s Beloved Community is near and dear to my heart. How truly fortunate I feel, then, to be living in this present moment and to witness in gestures small and grand the embodiment of this ideal. From my neighbors who daily ask our elderly friends if they need groceries to our very own Rob Zomber spending countless hours assembling mask-making kits to the activists, far and wide, clamoring for justice, for protection, for healthcare, for dignity, and for the building of a better world starting today. In the midst of all the uncertainty and fear, I confess to feeling a swelling of hope and a spark of elation as I see my fellow citizens wholeheartedly embracing our collective humanity. This is not social distancing. It is social solidarity on a scale I have never seen and I am humbled and deeply moved to bear witness to it. 

Let’s choose to build stronger bonds between us. Let’s remember when this has passed what was laid so bare for all to see. Let’s make compassion our calling and community our road forward. Let’s be the people who they’ll write about—the ones who saw this as a crossroads, a turning point, the moment we decided to make real the Beloved Community. Let’s be brave and powerful, at times faltering, yet far-sighted and fearless in our dreams for this world, this planet, and ourselves.

– Alegria Barclay, Equity & Social Justice Director


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