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On Friday, 86 eighth graders and their families gathered at Nueva's Hillsborough campus for one final celebration before advancing to high school (and beyond!).

The eighth-grade class of 2018 worked tirelessly to present, rhyme, and sing their appreciations of Nueva in 100 words or less. Together they reminisced over their completed STARPAP projects, painted exquisite literary memories of the Yosemite trip, and delivered clever, pithy speeches in true Nueva fashion.

Middle School Head Liza Raynal concluded her own 100-word address with, "Each student's speech will centuplicate the reasons why we are so proud to be the adults in their lives."


(Editor's Note: The above reflection is also exactly 100 words!)


Here are some excerpts from a few students' 100-Word Speeches:

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"How am I going to explain eight years of fantastic experiences and learning at Nueva in just 100 words? Impossible!"

— Nicholas H.


"For nine years, Nueva has gifted me an amazing rainbow of memories. I look forward to four more years."

— Harry V. 


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"Kicking the door down to new opportunities sums up my Nueva experience."

— Anya P.


"Today, I advocate the following motion: Nueva is uniquely suited for Pascal Descollonges... Any opposed to Pascal continuing at the Upper School?"

— Pascal D. 


 Screen Shot 2018 06 11 at 7.44.42 AM"The details of my misdeeds are not important. What is important is that Nueva allows me to make mistakes. Nueva recognizes that we are more than our rewards and accomplishments."

— Jack A. 


"I can learn anything I put my mind to, with no limit."

— Brandon C.

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"Every six months I look back on my old self and cringe. I guess you could say I've grown."

— Powell M.


"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to keep coming back."

— Pax H. 


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"We aren't the biggest school or the oldest, but we can't be beat!"

— Emily L. 


"Nueva isn't just a school, it's a place of growth."

— Alex S. 


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"I've been able to do things I never thought were possible."

— Holden J. 


"I wasn't 'Yo-Yo Guy' until I got here... Thank you for letting me pursue my passion."

— Eli C. (Yo-Yo Guy)



"100 words to express my gratitude to my teachers? Thank you for making my time here worth so much more than 100 words."

— Wilson G.





By Julia Barzizza, Digital Content Specialist

June 13, 2018





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