Justin Hero“No matter what grade you are in, you are looking forward to Intersession!” said Justin S., a senior enjoying his fourth year of Intersession. “In general, at Nueva, we are engaged, happy, and interested students and that carries through to Intersession. All of my Intersession classmates have been excited to participate.”

Before choosing his sessions this year, Justin reflected on his past experiences during Intersession, “I found that my favorite activities and seminars were those that either had practical applications to my life or exposed me to totally new fields. The more unique a class, the more interesting I found it. I think that all of the classes I chose this year fall into one of those two categories.”

This year, Justin attempted to create an Intersession schedule that spoke to his desire to communicate effectively, in writing and in many other forms of self-expression. He explained, “There are a lot of ways my Intersession courses work together, but I thought the most interesting way was how my two writing classes from the first week, "Modern Science Communication" and "Nonfiction Writing: The Art of Crafting True Stories," fed into each other. Both of them were focused on journalism and sharing information with specific audiences in a clear and engaging way — the two approaches provided tools for each other that I know I will put to use.”

Justin added, “Over the last four years, I have never been to an Intersession activity I didn’t like.”

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Justin's Intersession Experience

“Modern Science Communication gave me a lot of new insights into how to craft creative journalism and bridge my interests of English and Science.”
“Leading the Revolution was a really interesting insight into peaceful protest and mainly how to explore protest in art, something I have always wanted to learn more about.”
“It was also really interesting to hear from someone who had participated in the Velvet Revolution.”
“Nonfiction Writing gave me insights into how to replicate one of the genres I find most fascinating, and how to expand my writing skills. I definitely enjoyed the fusion of journalism and storytelling involved in the genre.”

Four students share their Intersession Experiences

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