10 WeekendPromo P2110008For the past two years, Nueva has hosted three fun-filled, exploratory weekends of learning in partnership with Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development.

In October, we expanded the offerings to include programs for students in grades 3–8.

This February, Northwestern University’s Accelerated Weekend Experience (AWE) will provide challenging, hands-on, in-depth exploration for students passionate about science and engineering. The two-day AWE courses will be held at our Hillsborough campus from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm on Saturday and Sunday, February 3 and 4.

Inspired Engineering: Fantastic Solutions to Everyday Challenges (Grades 3–4)

What is a physical task you do every day that could be easier? What gadget could you design that would make it less challenging? Armed with everyday materials, creativity and the engineering design process, students develop innovative solutions to daily tasks. Young engineers explore complex kinetic systems inspired by Rube Goldberg and seek inspiration in art, music, and literary characters to expand their understanding of problem-solving. Students collaborate to design, build, test, and revise solutions in this project-based class.

Subject: Engineering

Immunology and Infectious Diseases (Grades 5–6)

How does your body fight an infection? This hands-on course explores the human body and the different mechanisms that allow us to fight diseases and everyday pathogens. Young immunologists also investigate different infectious diseases, the history of deadly outbreaks across the globe, and the diseases scientists are fighting today. The class will focus on both historical and current events, while we investigate what causes different diseases and the mechanisms behind their spread. 

Subject: Science

Robotics & Engineering:  The Digital and the Analog (Grades 7–8)

Have you ever wondered how your favorite electronic devices work? In this hands-on course, students are introduced to the field of electrical engineering. Young engineers discover the principles of analog components like switches, resistors, and op-amps, as well as of digital electronics. Students design their own working touch screens, automatic night lights, and create robots that can sense their outside environment, weigh the incoming data, and react to it.

Subject: Technology & Engineering

Eligibility guidelines and the online application are on the CTD website. Tuition and fees total $255 for each 2-day course, and financial aid is available.

For families applying from within the Nueva community, we have taken steps to streamline the application process. If your child has taken an AWE class previously, please apply as a “Fast Track Returning Student.” You do not need to submit test scores. If your child is a new AWE applicant, simply apply as a “Score Criteria Applicant” and note that your child currently attends Nueva on the “School Info” page. Questions about the program can be addressed to awe@northwestern.edu.

Coverage of the fall AWE event can be found here. For more stories, including slideshows from last year’s weekend events, please read our previous coverage:

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