Student making a purchase at the third grade farmers market During the annual third-grade farmers’ market recently, the plaza at the Hillsborough campus was lined with booths full of cupcakes, cookies, scones, iced tea and lemonade, chips and guacamole, popcorn, and sushi. Bright, colorful signs described what was being sold and students could be heard marketing their product and answering questions as community members purchased items.

POTW FBThird-graders are taking a hands-on approach to learning about the culture, society, and belief system of ancient Egypt.

Immigration has had a profound effect on California society, from our early Spanish colonial history to the later influx of Chinese immigrants, and it is still transforming us today. Second graders have become “history detectives” as they study how immigration has shaped the Bay Area.

web k post officeKindergarten students learned the journey of the mail over the past couple of weeks while running a mock post office inside their classroom.

In a twist on the traditional Valentine’s Day celebrations, kindergartners in Laraine Ray’s class built a post office and mail sorting facility. To gather lots of mail, the students made each other valentines that were delivered to hand-decorated mailboxes every day for two weeks.

“It’s such a big hit,” Ray said. “It’s one of the memories kids carry with them for years. I think they like the opportunity to work with a team and see what to do without relying on a teacher.”

PreKTransformationThe study of transformation in prekindergarten provides an elegant example of how learning happens at Nueva and illustrates teaching practices repeated throughout the grades: thematic, multidisciplinary, and child-centered.

Themes in prekindergarten emerge from the interaction of three elements: the carefully prepared environment; the behavior of the children encountering the environment and revealing their thoughts, feelings and capabilities; and the deep listening, documentation, reflection and charting of the teachers. According to Carolee Fucigna, prekindergarten teacher, “We never choose the theme for the students; we make offerings and provocations, and then we observe, document, and plan.”



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