FS CampaignAnnouncemtHero 1000pxThere’s excitement in the air at Nueva! With new construction and a capital campaign on the horizon, the Nueva Leadership Team wants everyone in our community to be “in the know.”

Recently, Nueva held a series of informational community events to share a high-level overview of the Realize the Potential capital campaign, which will officially launch in the fall of 2018.

For Nueva community members unable to attend these events, please read the following Q&A with Bruce Cozadd, Chair of Nueva's Board of Trustees and Chair of Realize the Potential. It will supply context for the activities you will soon see on both campuses and information about why this campaign is so essential to making our 2017–2022 Strategic Plan a reality.

There’s a palpable energy around Nueva that “something’s coming.” Can you explain?
Bruce Cozadd: Absolutely! We are getting ready for a busy summer of facilities projects, and at the same time, we are announcing the fall 2018 launch of the Realize the Potential capital campaign. At this pivotal moment in Nueva’s history, we are excited to explain to our community how these pieces fit together, and their importance as we build Nueva’s future.

Immediately after the approval of the 2017–2022 Strategic Plan, we set our eyes on determining the funding initiatives necessary to implement the plan. As a piece of our overall strategy, the Board endorsed the $100 million Realize the Potential capital campaign, the largest ever undertaken at Nueva.

We began Realize the Potential by assembling the Campaign Leadership Committee (CLC) over the summer and fall of 2017. Through the efforts of this wonderful team, we began the leadership phase, that is, early solicitation of highly engaged benefactors of Nueva’s long-term vision. This phase will continue through fall of 2018.

We will launch the community phase of Realize the Potential beginning with the start of the 2018–2019 school year, at which time we will reach out to all our current families. We expect Realize the Potential to be a three-year campaign.

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Sounds ambitious! How will the money be used?
BC: Our plan for the campaign dedicates $65 million for expansion of program offerings and facilities at both campuses, and $35 million to significantly increase our endowment.

Program Offerings and Facilities: At Bay Meadows, a new classroom wing and courtyard will meet the needs of our increasing enrollment. On our Hillsborough campus, the new Environmental Center, the Middle School welcome and classroom building, an expanded Café, and the Nueva Center for the Humanities will create indoor and outdoor spaces that both enable and inspire our students and educators.

There is incredible enthusiasm about these new initiatives, which we know will create extraordinary student experiences, especially the launch of the new Environmental Stewardship program. This is not just about erecting a building. As we have done before with Social-Emotional Learning, Design Thinking, and Structured Word Inquiry, the new Environmental Stewardship Program is a deliberate investment in new programming we envision as the next pillar in the future of education for our students.

As part of this new program, we will cultivate competencies in environmental science, politics, government, and leadership, and an action orientation in our students and faculty to truly impact the future sustainability of our planet. Our expert-filled Environmental Task Force has been meeting regularly, already envisioning possibilities in learning for this program, and we know our students are both ready for and worthy of this type of offering. Nueva will lead the way!

Endowment: Our $35 million endowment goal will quintuple our support for students and faculty. Endowment revenue will make an immediate difference to our people, and the impact of an endowment contribution is felt forever.

The growth in endowment will help us ensure a dynamic and diverse learning community by supporting more students with financial aid and by extending our outreach to underserved communities. It will help us ensure we continue to attract and retain our world-class faculty, while offering them unparalleled professional development opportunities.

We are inspired by the possibilities that this campaign will create, and we want you to be inspired too! Nueva comunity members can find the Realize the Potential Strategic Priorities at my.nuevaschool.org.

Who is running the campaign?
BC: I am delighted to serve as Chair of the Realize the Potential capital campaign, and I am supported in my role by the full membership of our Board of Trustees. Our amazing Head of School, Diane Rosenberg, and her fantastic leadership team will provide vision and management on a daily basis. Terry Lee, Associate Head of School, along with Steve Osborne, Director of Facilities and Operations, will manage the construction projects.

As I described above, Realize the Potential is supported by the Campaign Leadership Committee (CLC), a deeply dedicated team of Nueva community members who have already shaped the campaign’s program and progress. We are grateful for their involvement and energy. Robbie Klein, Director of Institutional Advancement, and Magda Lara, Assistant Director of Development, are Nueva’s staff members of this team.

FS CampaignAnnouncemtEmbed3 pxWhat can we expect to see on both campuses, and when?
BC: At the Bay Meadows campus, we will break ground on the new classroom building at the west side of our property. This building will provide essential space for the growing student body and faculty. We will grow from our present 345 to approximately 450 students over the next several years.

This project makes good on our promise to create the building that supports a fully enrolled Upper School. The new classroom building, with a truly inspiring design, expands sought-after I-Lab and Arts spaces and enables us to continue to individualize learning with our incredible breadth and depth of electives. Once you see the design of this new addition, we think you too will be inspired.

The Bay Meadows project will begin as soon as this school year ends and is anticipated to be completed in June 2019.

At Hillsborough, when the school year ends, necessary infrastructure work will begin that will provide essential utilities to future new building sites across the campus. While not as visually exciting, this 2018 summer project is smart staging, setting us up for quick starts to the building projects, including the Environmental Center, the middle school classroom and administration building, the expanded Café, and the Nueva Center for the Humanities. These projects, predicated on the success of the Realize the Potential capital campaign, will begin in the spring of 2019 and are expected to be completed in the fall of 2020.

If the Realize the Potential capital campaign launches in the fall of 2018, how can building projects commence?
BC: During this campaign leadership phase, we are making excellent progress in securing early commitments toward our $100 million goal. To date, our early donors have pledged $39 million. Their generosity enables us to start work on both campuses this June.

The Upper School at Bay Meadows was the most recent building project. Why is the next new building also being built there?
BC: There are two main reasons for our early start on the Upper School classroom building. First, our Upper School is still growing according to our plan; this September, we will be joined by 116 freshmen! When we initially built the Upper School, we phased every part of the project to fit planned enrollment levels. We will immediately use the spaces afforded by this new building to continue to broaden and deepen our offerings to our students.

Second, we are intentional about this timing to extract the most value for our dollars. With a San Mateo affordable housing construction project scheduled to begin on the property adjacent to our Bay Meadows site, we know that if we can complete our project promptly, it will make our construction phasing and staging much easier, and therefore more cost efficient.

FS CampaignAnnouncemtEmbed 500pxThis is big news and may feel surprising to some. What do you want people to keep in mind? 
BC: Our Strategic Plan guides us. It is responsive to our entire community of students, faculty, parents, administration, alumni, and alumni parents who came together and imagined the future of a Nueva education.

We believe this strategic plan, and by extension our capital campaign, will appeal to a broad cross-section of our community as it will benefit students across both campuses and in all grades. Over 50 successful years, our school has evolved as an organization, and each strategic plan, programming initiative, capital campaign, and building project has allowed us to provide outstanding education to Nueva learners and to become a full preK through grade 12 experience — in short, to be what we are today. Our current students are the beneficiaries of all those who came before.

We know how to do this. We have a long, successful history of capital campaigns that have contributed mightily to Nueva’s being what it is today. We have a terrific track record of investing funds wisely and realizing our goals. Our building teams have delivered projects on time and on budget, and many members of those teams will be returning to work on these initiatives.

Continuing to advance the student experience is ever at the center of our work. We are ambitious, but not for ambition alone. Our strategy actively envisions the education we want for our students, the diverse student body we strive to serve, and the most expert and engaged faculty innovating on our path. These are the places, people, and programs we want to fund in perpetuity.

We are tremendously grateful for the generosity of our donors, for our forward-thinking community, for our colleagues on Nueva’s Board of Trustees, for our visionary leadership team, for the hard work of our CLC volunteers, and for each member of the Nueva community standing with us.

We invite you!
BC: As I mentioned, the official launch of the Realize the Potential capital campaign will be in the fall of 2018. For now, we seek your interest, involvement, and especially your questions. Please connect with us at giving@nuevaschool.org.


By Dianne Willoughby, Editorial Manager

May 23, 2018




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