Intersession HeroIntersession 2018, Nueva’s intellectual and experiential feast for upper school students, was held January 3–10, and provided extraordinary learning experiences for students as they returned from winter break.

For six days spanning two weeks, upper school students participated in interactive and enriching curricula taught by real-world experts. Students chose from an extensive catalog that included mathematics, art, psychology, business, law, fitness, technology, medicine, conservation, music, and much more.

Over 100 presenters created nearly 200 sessions that varied in length depending on the depth of the experience.

  • Activity Sessions are stand-alone, one-session, hands-on activities, presentations, experiments, discussions, or performances that run 90 minutes. Students get to choose up to 6 activity sessions.

  • Seminars take place over three days, two hours a day. Students choose up to four seminars over the two weeks.

  • Intensives, which can take place on or off campus, are retreat-style workshops of 15 hours per intensive over three days. Students who choose to do intensives choose one a week. Students can mix and match intensives, seminars, and activity sessions over Intersession.

Students in Nueva’s eighth grade get a “taste of Intersession” by choosing one activity session to participate in, coming to the Bay Meadows campus to take advantage of the learning opportunity, spend time in their session with upper school students, and share lunch in the upper school café.

The array and expertise of speakers, the depth of conversation, and the variety of experiences are deeply educational for students, and for some even transformational, as they discover new passions and abilities.

"The secret sauce of Intersession is the combination of our presenters — domain experts who give their time, talent, and expertise — and Nueva's incredibly engaged students," said Linda Yates, Intersession Committee Chair. "Our students get so much out of Intersession because they put a lot in, and because of this, it is a wonderful experience for presenters too. They are consistently impressed by Nueva students' preparation, participation, and engagement. It is this reciprocity that makes Intersession magical."

Linda created the program when the Upper School opened in 2012. She explained that preparing for Intersession is a year-long endeavor that begins the moment this Intersession ends. Feedback from students and presenters is immediately captured, and from those reflections, sessions are planned and curated for the following year. Experts are sought out to meet requests of students and new sessions are created. Before long, it is time again for program scheduling, building the catalog, and the exciting day when the team shares the catalog with the students. Student assignments and logistics, no small feats in themselves, take up the remainder of the year until the doors open again after winter break.

We invite you to explore Intersession through these pages that take you on the journey with four different students. At every turn, the excitement comes from their deep engagement: they are cooking, practicing broadcast journalism, writing a screen play, or hearing from famous television personalities. They are splicing DNA, practicing yoga, and learning the language of leadership — or maybe Russian! They experience in detail the beauty and majesty of our animal kingdom and examine conservation efforts around the Bay and beyond.

Please take some time to read the 2018 Intersession Catalog. We think you'll be amazed.

Four students share their Intersession Experiences

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