Jesse ThornFast Company recently wrote about Nueva’s own Jesse Thorn ’95 — “The Most Important Person in Entertainment You’ve Never Heard Of” — who’s making quite the name for himself in the world of podcasting and radio broadcasting. You can read the article and the details of his career here.

As for Nueva, Jesse still has lots of memories of his middle school years, especially the kind staff who were his advisors and the class trip to Japan. Like many middle school memories, not all of Jesse’s are happy ones. Even so, this now-seasoned entertainer first tried his hand at performing comedy at Nueva. Jesse was cast in several plays and his teacher Carla Newton wrote cheesy jokes for Jesse to tell while emceeing the Greek Festival.

“I learned to write clearly and organize my ideas at Nueva, which remains the main way I make my living,” said Jesse.

For other aspiring passion-pursuers, Jesse cautions against total sellout at the cost of overlooking the beauty of living.

“There are many great pleasures in the world which don't show up in a bank account or in a college resume,” said Jesse. “You have to eat and have shelter, and it's best not to live in fear. But beyond that for many people a modest life is best. Pursuing your passions is great, but it's also not the be-all, end-all. It’s also great to be a kind and thoughtful member of a community, someone who helps people and enjoys reading a book or praying or going for a swim.”

Jesse’s wise heart is evident throughout the Fast Company article, where it’s clear that Jesse’s ambitions in podcasting and radio broadcasting aren’t focused on striking it rich. The career goal most important to him is benefiting the good of his public.

At the end of the article Jesse is asked “whether there was a moment in his life when he felt he truly made it.” Jesse replied, “I’m pretty sure I haven't made it by any reasonable standard professionally. I'm still very much on the make. The closest I've ever felt to that professionally is probably the time Ira Glass told me he liked Jordan, Jesse, Go! The closest I've ever felt to that in my life is when I married my wife. It was just exactly the right thing and more than I deserved.”



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