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Anika's Experience: An Exciting Time to Follow My Interests
Portrait of upper school student Anika

I am a twelfth grader and have been a Nueva student since first grade.

For me, Intersession is six days to step outside of my comfort zone. It’s a really fun way to jump into topics I’m completely new to, and a great opportunity to take seminars rooted in my current interests.

The variety of sessions I could take during my personal Intersession was wonderful, with each session exposing me to something new. For example, the Image and Fashion: The Bizarre History seminar explored fashion trends throughout history — corsets, pointy shoes, you name it — as well as “methods” of fashion specific to various cultures. We discovered many practices of body modification, examined changing perceptions of the human body over time and geography, and learned about the transformative abilities of fashion and makeup.

I was so excited for Chef Robert’s cooking activity, especially since I’ll be going off to college soon and could desperately use some general cooking and nutrition knowledge.

Part of what makes Intersession so fun is the presenters, and I enjoyed hearing Dennis Brown, a former San Francisco 49er and on-air sports analyst, co-host, and television personality, share his personal journey.

I was really drawn to Screenwriting because I love films and television and it intersected perfectly with my interest in creative writing. We got to work with Adam Tobin, who has created comedy and reality shows currently on television and is a senior lecturer in the Film & Media Studies Program at Stanford.

Enjoy these images from my week!


Anika's Intersession Experience


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The Power of Student Agency

The invitation for Wednesday’s roundtable event “Divestment: The Million Dollar Question” noted, “In response to student activism, the Nueva Endowment Committee is considering the divestment of its holdings in fossil fuel companies for the first time.”

This was very exciting news for students because for at least the past four-to-five years, the student-run Nueva Divestment Team has been working to convince the Nueva Endowment Committee of the need to divest. 

Ninth Graders Work to Create the Beloved Community

What does a community look like? What does it take to build a community and what are the difficulties that might arise? These questions serve as the foundation of the new curriculum in ninth-grade Science of Mind (SOM). Developed by Director of Social Justice and Equity Alegria Barclay, the revamped curriculum focuses on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Beloved Community. The course is very much about antiracism, Alegria said, and antiracism is woven into all aspects of the course.

Activist Kenan Moos Headlines First Event of Special Upper School Programming

A new addition to the upper school schedule this year is a block for special programming on Fridays. For the first in a series of special guest speakers, Dean of Student Life Hillary Freeman invited Black Lives Matter activist and local Bay Area native Kenan Moos to speak. In a conversation moderated by student council equity and inclusion rep Fiona T. ’22, Kenan shared not only his background and life experiences, but also how he became an activist and how Nueva students can step up to take action. 

Q&A with Upper School Student Council Co-leads Andrew C. ‘22 and Willow T.C.Y. ‘21

The upper school student council (colloquially known as STUCO) is a group of elected upper school students who work together to support the relationship between the student body and the Nueva administration. This year’s elected co-leads of STUCO are Willow T.C.Y. ‘21 and Andrew C. ‘22 sat down to discuss their backgrounds, their hopes for their roles, and how remote learning changes their priorities.

Quest Week Showcases Impressive Upper School Quest Projects

Quest, a signature Nueva program in the Upper School, is a journey of self-discovery, perseverance, and growth as students explore their own paths to purpose. This year, with all routines thoroughly disrupted, we had an opportunity to innovate how to celebrate Quest.

Reading Event Debuts Student Poems 

Twenty-one Upper School Students, faculty and staff members participated in the WRC’s Poetry Aloud on Wednesday afternoon, a virtual poetry reading bursting with creativity.