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Saved by the Bell: Remote Learning Puts an Exciting Spin on Recess
Antonia Ehlers, director of communications

Remote learning is putting a modern twist on recess! Nueva Middle School students are playing Boggle, dancing, listening to music, telling stories, doing science experiments, plotting in escape rooms, creating urban art, and much more. 

“Students need time to connect with one another socially,” said Middle School Head Liza Raynal. “In our wellness survey, many requested more social time. We piloted the first recess before break. We are also making time for clubs and important student-life offerings.”

There are now two optional recess periods each week, on Monday and Thursday. Both allow 30 minutes for clubs and exciting activities. 

Middle School clubs include the Magazine Club, Feminists for Gender Equity Club, Save Endangered Species Club, Harry Potter Club, the Country Music Club, and a host of others that beat boredom as the Mavericks shelter in place. 

“I was in Music and Mandalas,” noted sixth grader Eva Sepulveda. “I really enjoyed it because it was very open and calming. We got to listen to music and relax. I think that even though we are on screens, it’s a good way to decompress.” 

Sixth grader Katja G. enjoyed playing Boggle during recess. 

“It was fun to get together with friends,” she said. “I usually wouldn’t have done it this way, but it was surprisingly fun. I got to learn one of my new favorite games, and I also got to have fun with my friends. I am looking forward to having the option of going to recess but also being able to use that time for other things. When I was at school, I wouldn't go to clubs because my friends and I would hang out somewhere. But now, having different recess options twice a week gives me enough time to go to clubs and hang out with my friends.” 

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So What is the Nueva Middle School Tutorial?

Nueva middle school teachers are excited about student-led tutorial sessions this year. Introduced last fall to help students to get caught up after absences, ask questions about assignments, and ask for more challenging extensions on their work, tutorial has expanded to offer far more during remote learning.

Middle School Assembly Celebrates the New School Year

For more than two decades, Nueva's lower and middle school students have gathered together weekly during assemblies to share ideas, entertain each other, and be entertained. While assemblies look different in remote learning, Division Heads Megan Terra and Karen Tiegel still see great value in assembling together. So during the first week of school, they made sure their students gathered on Zoom.

Civil Rights Activists Inspire Sixth-grade Humanities Class

“One of the learning goals for our study of the Civil Rights Era has been for my students to see examples of young people making change and for them to realize they are never too young to effect change,” said sixth-grade humanities teacher Evan Bartz.

Student musicians performing.

Our concert series, Succulent Sound Garden, is adapting to the times. We’re now Sofa Sound Garden! From living rooms to kitchen tables, backyards to garages, Nueva students and faculty will continue to share their love of music from home.

Eighth Graders Explore Cultural Graphic Novels

The eighth-grade writing class is another example of how Nueva teachers are thinking outside the box in order to add a splash of excitement and fun to remote learning. The graphic novel unit uses the Canvas platform, and our eighth graders are enjoying a different form of storytelling.