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Eighth Grader Writes and Performs Musical for Recital Project
Antonia Ehlers, director of communications

Every year, Nueva eighth graders participate in the Recital Project, established more than twenty years ago as an opportunity for students to investigate and learn about a passion of their choosing. For his Recital Project, Owen Y.-L. wrote a musical based on a traditional Chinese folktale. He took his project one step further, enlisting his parents and sister to perform alongside him in the production. Performing Overhead: The Musical over spring break not only helped Owen bring his project to life, it also helped his family—parents Sandi and Nolan and sixth-grade sister Pearl—beat shelter-in-place boredom. 

“Over spring break, we decided to write a musical featuring each member of the family as a different character,” he said. “It turned out to be a great way to collaborate on something with everyone, especially since we are all stuck under the same roof.”

Owen wrote a catchy musical score, including the melodic songs “See the Fire,” “Heaven,” and “Overhead.” The plot is based on a Chinese folktale that inspired the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is still celebrated today in Asia and all over the world to honor family.

In the folktale, 10 sons of a heavenly empress fight with each other, which turns them into suns and boils the Earth. Hou Yi, an archer, comes to the rescue by shooting down all but one of the suns. The empress is furious and banishes Hou Yi and his wife, Chang’e, to the mortal world. One day, Hou Yi stumbles upon an old man who is selling an immortality potion. Hou Yi, too poor to purchase it, steals his wife’s precious ring to pay for it. The old man warns Hou Yi to only drink half of the elixir vial. When Hou Yi returns, Chang’e realizes her ring is missing and, in a fit of rage, drinks the entire potion. She floats past the heavens, and she has remained stuck on the moon forever.

“It took me about four months to write the musical,” Owen noted. “For our family production, it took about a week to record everyone’s vocals. The filming took place over two days, and it took me about three days to edit the entire performance. We recorded the entire performance in front of a green screen (green cloth), and then I edited out the green and replaced it with a background. I love video editing, so the editing process was fun and gave me more practice.”

Owen added that his family is spending much more time together due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has had its benefits.

“My family has introduced me to many new things that I never would have never tried before, such as cooking and smoothie making,” he said. “When my parents are working during the day from home, I also have had to take care of my sister as an additional responsibility, which has definitely been an interesting experience. Overall, creating the musical was a great lemonade-out-of-lemons experience that allowed my family to work closely together to create something fun.”

We invite the Nueva community to enjoy Overhead: A Musical.




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Fifth Grade Earth Science “Rocks” in Remote Setting!

Toward the end of October, fifth-grade Earth Science classes completed the fall study of Earth’s composition and the rock cycle. To help students solidify their learning and set it in stone, students created models of the rock cycle using upcycled or ephemeral materials found in their homes. 

“Poem-Worthy Noodles” Connect Community to History and Each Other: Jennifer Lin-Liu, Author of On the Noodle Road ‘Visits’ Nueva

After school on Thursday, October 21, about 40 students and teachers gathered on Zoom to enrich and extend their current interdisciplinary study of the Silk Road. They were participating in a noodle-making workshop by author and restauranteur Jennifer Lin-Liu that covered centuries of history and was generations of cross-continental journeys in the making. Organized by Jennifer Paull in conjunction with the seventh- and eighth-grade humanities teachers, this event is one of many the new Humanities Center will showcase in the years to come.

Catching Up with . . . Sarah Powell

We sat down with Sarah Powell, middle school student support specialist, to hear about her passion for supporting gifted students, particularly during this challenging time. In this interview, Sarah shares how she helps to create pathways for students’ academic development, and she provides insight into the importance of relationships between parents, teachers, and students—and superpowers!—in our middle school support program at Nueva.  

Nueva Students Welcome Families to the Mid-Autumn Festival

This month, students in Weixia’s class celebrated 中秋节 or zhōng qiū jié (the Mid-Autumn Festival), a traditional event celebrated by many East and Southeast Asian people. With their parents, students watched the full moon, recited an ancient poem, and gave their parents a handmade card of appreciation. These activities were part of their process of immersing themselves in Chinese culture, an important part of learning the language, and they also offered an opportunity for students to share their learning with their families.

Middle School Students Explore Social Justice in Lit Clubs

Founded in 1982, the Nueva Lit Club curriculum has provided middle school students with many opportunities over the years to practice reading strategies and literary analysis. This year, students have been faced with a challenging and changing world—in all of their classes, Nueva students have engaged in complex conversations and have raised important questions about race and social justice issues that were reignited this past summer. 

Catching Up with...Karen Tiegel

About one month into this unprecedented 2020–2021 school year, we sat down with new interim head of the middle school, our own Nuevan Swiss Army Knife, Karen Tiegel, to hear her thoughts about the start of the year, learn a bit more about our continuously evolving middle school electives program, and provide a space to reflect on moments—both past and still to come—that are at the heart of her Nueva experience.

The Great Nueva Zoom-School Plant Project 

Eighth-grade biology students have dived straight into an exciting study of genetic variation. One of the major themes of eighth-grade science is to understand humanity’s relationship with the living world. So, the teachers asked their students to grow Wisconsin Fast Plants to discover for themselves why plants produce offspring with variation. This led to a discussion about how humanity has modified species for food and other purposes. 

So What is the Nueva Middle School Tutorial?

Nueva middle school teachers are excited about student-led tutorial sessions this year. Introduced last fall to help students to get caught up after absences, ask questions about assignments, and ask for more challenging extensions on their work, tutorial has expanded to offer far more during remote learning.

Middle School Assembly Celebrates the New School Year

For more than two decades, Nueva's lower and middle school students have gathered together weekly during assemblies to share ideas, entertain each other, and be entertained. While assemblies look different in remote learning, Division Heads Megan Terra and Karen Tiegel still see great value in assembling together. So during the first week of school, they made sure their students gathered on Zoom.