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This fall, we asked many Mavericks in our community about what it has been like for them during this pandemic. As 2020 comes to a close, we wanted to share a sneak peek of their answers. Be on the lookout for the next issue of Nueva Magazine, where we’ll share even more of our Mavericks on the Street responses!

What advice would you give to your old self at the beginning of quarantine?

  • “Please view this as the beginning of something new. Seize learning opportunities. Lean into this challenging time. Also, let go of what you perceive as the normal standard. Life is a wonderful experience, and it is only my perception that makes the difference a negative one.” – Chris Braun, shop manager and I-Lab engineer
  • “Try not to get stressed as much. I used to get stressed about not seeing my friends; now I try to be as calm as I can.” – Mia T., fourth-grade
  • “Spend some more time outdoors and away from the computer. Although our work and social lives are now inevitably tied to our devices, it's good to just go outside every day. Once a day, take at least a few minutes to just do nothing at all.” – Jonathon T. '22

Is there a special project you have been working on during quarantine? A new hobby you have discovered?

  • “I discovered I like making coffee, especially cold brew.” – Kaila E. '24
  • “While I regularly set off the fire alarm in my house, I have enjoyed cooking so much during quarantine! My favorite recipes are a blend of South American and Pakistani cuisine and taste like home.” – Sasha, second-grade lead teacher
  • “I have really gotten into cooking and have been cooking breakfast and lunch for my whole family. Cooking to me is really special because I love it and my dad taught me to cook.” – Miriam H., sixth-grader

How has your personal style changed during quarantine?

  • “My clothing style has definitely headed to more t-shirt and shorts attire.” – Anna K. '24
  • “I've grown out my hair on purpose.” – Elbert P., third-grader
  • “I often don't wear shorts that match my shirt.” – Anton P., seventh-grade

Describe this period of your life in one word.

  • “Different.” – Lee Fertig, head of school
  • “Vulnerable.” – Amber Carpenter, upper school English teacher
  • “Adjusting.” – Cliff Burke, fifth-grade writing and humanities teacher

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