Learning and Staying
Safe in 2021–22


Nueva, like all other schools, is adjusting how it operates within our shifting environment so that we maximize educational opportunities during the 2021–22 school year.

Health and Safety Protocols

[updated 10-7-21]

As we near the end of the first quarter of the school year, it is important to review, reflect upon, and adjust our protocols when necessary so that we: 

  • sustain a learning environment that is safe and healthy for all community members and 
  • maximize onsite opportunities that build community and facilitate connections.

Most of the changes that we are making in our health and safety protocols are in direct response to valuable feedback from Nueva community members and continue to be in compliance with county and state guidelines.

There is much evidence to suggest that Nueva’s risk mitigation protocols have indeed been effective. Onsite transmission does not seem to have taken place on either campus. It is critically important that we continue to practice multiple layers of risk mitigation—combining daily health screening, masking, hygiene, and distancing when possible. Nueva also continues to work very closely with San Mateo county offices and the state in order to maintain a safe learning environment for all in our community. 

Programs and Services

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