Peninsula Bridge

Peninsula Bridge is a program working to transform the lives of highly motivated, low-income students by preparing and supporting them for success in school.

For the past two years, Nueva has partnered with Peninsula Bridge and created an after-school enrichment program at Nueva, hosting middle school students from local public schools in and around San Mateo.

Every Monday and Friday afternoon, middle school students come to Nueva’s Bay Meadows campus to improve their English and Language Arts (ELA) and Math skills. Nueva teachers and students collaborate and mentor deserving kids, helping them improve not only their learning techniques but also their self-confidence.

Last year, two Nueva teachers worked with eight Nueva student TAs to share Nueva’s pedagogical values with Peninsula Bridge students, focusing on project-based learning opportunities. This program allows Nueva to welcome a wider community of gifted learned into our school while sharing what we have to offer. This special program helps build creativity, innovation, critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration and communication skills for students in need. 

Joanne Yorro

Peninsula Bridge site coordinator for Nueva

“Peninsula Bridge students are highly motivated and are gaining self-confidence and realizing they can really do stuff like coding and robotics and fractals that they wouldn’t normally do at school.”

Nueva students who work with Peninsula Bridge were unanimous in their excitement about the hands-on experience of teaching and mentoring, both of which have clearly enriched their own learning. This past year, as Nueva becomes increasingly involved with Peninsula Bridge, students have transitioned to assisting with curriculum design, bringing some of Nueva’s signature programs to Peninsula Bridge students. Students have each designed new units for the kids, teaching everything from robotics to Model United Nations and public speaking.

Robotics is something that I’m passionate about and I thought the students would enjoy. Students are learning how to build wheeled Arduino robots, and they’re learning how to make the robots move autonomously. I try to help all the kids understand the basic ideas of robotics and engineering, and I also want them to have fun. The kids are really excited to learn, and it’s cool to know that you’re helping to build the next generation of makers and designers and thinkers. - Arya G., Nueva Student and Peninsula Bridge TA

Guided by Nueva teachers and Peninsula Bridge staff, both Peninsula Bridge and Nueva students are engaging in student-centered learning experiences. Students and teachers are also bringing design thinking to Peninsula Bridge; Nueva’s unique project-based and student-centered pedagogy emphasized throughout many aspects of this program.


Peninsula Bridge gives me an opportunity to work with inspiring kids and get better at mentoring and teaching. I often feel that I am in a sort of symbiosis with my kids where we learn from each other. - Quincy A., Nueva Student and Peninsula Bridge TA