Equity & Inclusion Institute

Tuesday, June 23–Friday, June 26, 2020

Registration will open on January 2020



About the Equity & Inclusion Institute

Designed to promote personal and pedagogical growth, the Equity & Inclusion Institute encourages innovative approaches to implementing equity-minded education and emboldens educators to disrupt the status quo in the service of creating transformational change.


A supportive and brave space that provides

  • Foundational knowledge of social justice and equity to inform your teaching practice
  • Concrete strategies and tools for implementing a social justice educational model into your classroom and pedagogy
  • An opportunity to practice self-care while exploring your own identities and biases in the company of other educators committed to creating equitable educational environments

Why attend?

  • To gain a nuanced understanding of systemic oppression
  • To examine your own identity in the context of your teaching practice
  • To identify steps you can take in your everyday practice towards collective liberation
  • To build a community of committed social justice educators
  • To learn how to implement a critically conscious pedagogy
  • To gain a rich foundation for further learning and growth in these areas
  • To learn how to incorporate self-care into your social justice practice

Who is this event for?

This institute is suitable for all PreK–12 educators, especially:

  • Teachers interested in integrating a social justice framework into their teaching practice

  • Counselors hoping to better understand how to support equality and inclusion in their schools
  • Administrators hoping to transform their school and better support their faculty/staff engaging in this work

Registration & Financial Award

The cost to attend is $800 per person. Registration includes four full days of workshops, continental breakfast, lunch, snacks, and a curriculum binder. Financial awards are available. Please contact socialjustice@nuevaschool.org for more information. 

All program participation fees are due in advance to confirm your registration and participation. Any cancellation and refund requests must be submitted in writing via email to socialjustice@nuevaschool.org.

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By the end of the Institute, educators will

  • Have a working understanding of how systemic oppression functions and how the various forms of oppression intersect
  • Have explored, analyzed and applied how the power dynamics between privileged and targeted identity and cultural groups manifest and function to maintain oppression
  • Understand the necessity of doing one's own internal work as it relates to issues of identity, bias, power, and privilege
  • Have had the opportunity to look at their current teaching practice and set goals for incorporating social justice more meaningfully into their daily teaching
  • Have the opportunity to connect with other educators as a means to further understanding, provide inspiration, and promote healing
A poster with the words "Together we stand" with fists crossed across the middle

Social justice is always grounded in transformation 
At times, this transformation may be slow, the way water wears through stone – inevitable and unceasing. Other times, transformation is abrupt and startling like the sudden rush of air when one surfaces from beneath a wave – the effect both life-affirming and discombobulating. Whatever its place, transformation is ultimately the goal of social justice and social change movements. While these movements often seek legislative and economic change, at thier core, they are seeking to transform the hearts and minds of people and the very fabric of that culture. That said, we also know that when it comes to issues of privilege, oppression, and justice, there is always room for growth and a need to deepen our practice as educators.



What Guides Us

We are guided by our belief in the following fundamental principles:

We are committed to respecting, embracing, and supporting inclusion in all forms and identities, including but not limited to age, race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, class, culture, socioeconomic status, and ability

We recognize that systemic inequities exist in our world and are therefore committed to upholding equity as a core value in how we interact with others and how we challenge ourselves to overcome our own biases and assumptions.

We are committed to empowering youth to be dedicated, engaged, and thoughtful leaders who balance power with compassion, privilege with humility, and action with reflection.



What Grounds Us

We believe that lasting change is grounded in meaningful collaborations based on:

We believe that listening for understanding and engaging in authentic dialogue can further individual and social change by encouraging empathy, building bridges, deepening understanding and providing differing points of view.

We build trusting relationships based on our shared vulnerability, our efforts to be dependable, and our commitment to honesty.

We believe that relationships rooted in mutual respect and built on empathy can nurture and sustain individual and social change.


Teachers playing Rock-Paper-Scissors at the Social Justice Institute


What Drives Us

We understand that our actions need to be driven by these values:

We believe that creating sustainable change is hard work that requires passionate perseverance and continual commitment.

Critical Thinking
We believe that critical thinking is defined by an ability to question others and ourselves, to clarify and articulate our beliefs, to remain open-minded, and to actively seek out multiple perspectives that may contradict our own—all in an effort to build a foundation for understanding and social change.

We believe that creativity, risk-taking, and innovation are essential to raising awareness and creating long-term solutions to the inequities and injustices that plague our world today.


What Participants Say


The 2017 Equity and Inclusion Institute was the best professional development training week I have participated in as an educator with 10+ years of international experience. The institute was conducted in a manner that made it possible for anyone to access the information regardless of their experience with these thought-provoking topics. I left with a tool kit ready to apply to my own teaching methods and infuse into our school's curriculum."

Megan Shelton
Middle School Teacher and Spanish Curriculum Coordinator at Spring Hill School

The Nueva Equity and Inclusion Institute was a unique experience that only lasted a few days, yet has left an ongoing impact in my Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) work. As part of a DEI committee at my school, I find myself often sharing in meetings or proposing new ideas with the starter sentence of, "We could try something I learned last summer at Nueva." The facilitation and tone of the entire institute was so welcoming and engaging, all while exploring hard topics such as the various systems of oppression and how we, as educators, can teach and live in more critically conscious ways. I value the time I had at the Institute and continue to use many of the resources, knowledge, network and language I received there."

Reyna Smith
Middle School Counselor at Francis W. Parker School

The Equity and Inclusion Institute gave me the opportunity to explore how systems of oppression can affect both my life and everyone else's lives in America. Through this exploration of the ways that we are divided, I found myself feeling incredibly connected to the other attendees – almost as if the semi-transparent curtains of our daily lived experiences were able to be drawn to the side after they had been so clearly identified. This connectedness, this feeling of spontaneous community – that's what makes me want to come back."

Sam Modest
2nd Grade Teacher at The Nueva School

As a white educator, this was the most informative, reflective, and empowering workshop on equity and Inclusion I've ever been to!" 

Alice Jessup
2nd Grade teacher, San Francisco Day School

Attending the Institute was life-changing for me and has led to some immediate programmatic shifts at my school. Although the institute was designed for educators, I believe any person would benefit from attending.”

Jenny Rinn
Director of Lower School at The Brandeis School of San Francisco

What a wonderful week! The Institute allowed us to delve deeply into a range of Social Justice issues and how they relate to our work as educators. It also provided opportunities for individual introspection, personal reflection, and the building of strong connections and relationships with fellow educators and fellow diversity practitioners across the country. From personal stories to specific classroom tools, it was truly an enriching experience to be able to learn from so many others."

Ben Sobol-Chang 
High School Spanish Teacher at The Nueva School

"The Equity and Inclusion Institute provided a great space for learning, reflection and action-planning focused in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The format of the institute is one that is non-judgemental, meeting participants where they are at and giving them tools to return confidently to their school communities with tangible skills. I still keep in touch with many of the participants that attended. That alone speaks to the safe environment that the Equity and Inclusion Institute provided."

Ralinda Watts
Director of Multiculturalism and Inclusion at Buckley School

I was so grateful for the space that Alegria, Sheri, and Alison created each day. From opening activities to closing conversations, I was consistently made to feel challenged, inspired, and thoughtful around deep questions of identity, race, class and gender. I loved connecting with the other participants and have continued working with them during the school year."

Tom McFadden
Middle School Science Teacher at The Nueva School

The Equity and Inclusion Institute is geared to beginners and experienced diversity practitioners and educators. The institute resonated for me because I appreciated the diversity within the facilitators and the topics presented. It was interesting, refreshing and reaffirming to hear various lenses of experiences presented at the conference while discussing the many layers of systemic racism and how best to dismantle. The practical exercises are wonderful takeaways I have incorporated in my work this year. The Equity and Inclusion Institute is a powerful week of learning and reflecting with a wonderful group of people."

Latoya Allen
Associate Director Lower School Admissions & Director of Community Engagement at Riverdale Country School

The Institute was life-changing for me. As a white woman who wanted very much to join the discussion about race and class, I didn’t know how and where to enter the conversation. Attending this institute gave me the language and understanding of systemic oppression to help me see the role I could play in affecting change.”

Tristen Strum
Second Grade Teacher at San Francisco Day School

I learned so much in a safe, supportive environment. I feel empowered to start my school year with this important, necessary information to help create an even more inclusive classroom community!”

Diana Friedman
1st grade teacher, The Nueva School




June 23–26, 2020 


San Mateo Campus
131 E 28th Ave.
San Mateo


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