9th Annual Design Thinking Institute

Tuesday, June 23–Friday, June 26, 2020




Learn from Industry Leaders

For over a decade, we have pioneered the teaching of Design Thinking to students. We are experts at creating hands-on, project-based, design thinking curricula. Come learn from experienced educators how to implement a similar program at your school.

This institute will enable you and your teams to efficiently create projects that will foster your students' Design Thinking skills, preparing them for the future.

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Institute Overview

The Design Thinking Institute is an annual event dedicated to sharing Design Thinking practices and processes with other educators. Educators learn to investigate underlying mindsets with the intention of creating projects and facilitating collaborative community efforts for the benefit of an individual or cause.

Participants will gain a better understanding of how to create Design Thinking curricula and foster creative and innovative problem solving skills. Instructors will lead a handful of workshops on how to effectively design projects, analyze thought processes, and communicate the important underlying mindsets that surround Design Thinking.

Leaders facilitate participants' initial work in creating curricula applicable to their environments and needs and create a collaborative community to share best practices going forward. Click here to learn about last year's Design Thinking Institute.

Nueva partnered with IDEO and Stanford's d.School to develop the first Design Thinking program and Innovation Lab (I-Lab) specifically for PreK–12 education. In response to a worldwide quest for teachers to integrate Design Thinking in school curricula, Nueva has continued to develop techniques, programs, and facilities for primary and secondary education.

See the stages of Design Thinking

Kim Saxe

Founding Director, Innovation Lab

"Design Thinking is a collection of techniques and mindsets that enable people to identify underlying needs through empathy, to harness and develop their ability to generate ideas, and to actively seek feedback."

Learning Outcomes

Institute participants will get familiar with Design Thinking in action through an introductory, hands-on activity. Institute attendees will then move into an extended real-life project, going into each aspect of the Design Thinking process in-depth.

We will focus on advanced design thinking techniques and processes as well as give you hands-on time in our Innovation Lab. You will also have the opportunity to hear from Nueva faculty and students about successful projects. Before the institute ends, you will have time and guidance to create curricula that also teach design thinking. At the institute, participants will gain:

  • Appreciation for the important mindsets underlying Design Thinking
  • Deep knowledge of the process of Design Thinking
  • Opportunity to talk with teachers about projects that they have created and taught
  • A path to make your vision a reality
  • Ways Design Thinking can improve other aspects of your school
  • Tips to bring your community and Board along
  • Understanding of why Design Thinking is important

Kim Saxe

Founding Innovation Lab Director

"By flaring and focusing, people discover a path through complex, difficult problems, which transforms them into fearless and effective changemakers."

Registration Information

The Design Thinking Institute is attended by teachers, curriculum developers, STEM and STEAM educators, heads of school, service learning coordinators, and summer program directors and counselors. 

Registration cost is $1,500 per person and includes a curated binder of materials, daily meals (breakfast, lunch, and snacks), guest speakers, and a happy hour. 

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San Mateo Campus
131 E 28th Avenue
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Contact Information
Questions? Contact us at designthinking@nuevaschool.org.

You may also reach Desiree Viray directly at 650-350-4540.

Meet the Design Thinking Institute Team

Kim Saxe, director of the Design Thinking Institute

Founding Director, I-Labs and Quest