Clubs & Activities

Clubs are a great way for Nueva students to follow a passion, cultivate a new interest, and connect with people across grade levels with similar interests. Formed based on student interest, clubs are run by students, and guided by a faculty advisor. Students at Nueva are encouraged to do the things they love, learn new things from one another, take risks in a safe and inclusive space, and develop leadership skills.

Upper School

There are nearly 60 clubs that meet weekly during designated club time. Clubs range in focus from community service, to games, fitness, a wide range of creative arts, affinity groups such as GSA and Latinx heritage, and academic pursuits including history, journalism, and math. There are many options, and students are encouraged to initiate new clubs on topics they’re interested in.

Middle School

Nueva middle school students are very involved in extracurricular activities beyond the classroom. There are clubs that meet at lunch, during recess, and after school, enrichment classes, and an extensive array of recess offerings for individuals to pursue their passions, or find new ones. Middle school club topics include writers society, math, fantasy film, feminists, genders and sexualities alliance, and freestyle rap. Some club teams participate in competitions such as the FIRST Lego League Robotics, Futures Problem Solving, and Model United Nations. Recess offerings are supervised spaces students can go individually or with friends to work on projects, or create something new, such as the art room, I-Lab, GCC (gym), music room, non-digital gaming space, and the library.

Here's a selection of clubs for each division: