x171212113621c449f31ba099e04e1ef235ac0d0b9b8e 640 800 2Julia grew up just outside of Laguna Beach and received her bachelor’s degree at California College of the Arts. After graduating, Julia began working in web development, first as a freelancer and eventually with several larger Bay Area companies and organizations. 

In need of a portfolio website, she learned how to code and developed a personal website of her own. While the site was a simple setup, it was responsive for mobile, and served useful in helping her find clients and share her skillset. While working as a freelancer in web development, Julia also taught painting classes at a studio on Valencia Street in San Francisco.

“During that time, I learned about business while practicing my website work. It’s still hard to believe there was a time I was making a living almost strictly by painting and making art. I was working around the clock until I found my way to Whole Foods,” said Julia. At Whole Foods, Julia worked as a graphic artist on the Northern California marketing team. She has joined Nueva as our Digital Content Specialist and is a central part of the Communications team, eager to share the best of our community with the world through our online presence.

1. Your cousin is an alumnus of Nueva, so you probably knew a lot of about the community before you started working in the Communications department, but what is something that has been surprising about the school, our students, and faculty?

Jackson, my cousin, is one of the brightest, most opinionated, and most confident people I know. He sets the bar high. He went through a phase where he was fascinated with learning how to make timepieces.

In short, what surprises me most about Nueva is finding so many other students just like him: clever, curious, and analytical.  

2. Nueva is a place that supports lifelong learners. In what ways is your new role challenging you and what are some of the new skills you are learning?

I am currently learning how many different types of working relationships exist within the Nueva community. It is amazing to see such a vast network of students, parents, volunteers, and faculty all working together. Through trial and error, I am learning how to best foster each relationship. However, my learning style is probably best described as the Edisonian approach; today I learned three ways to incorrectly do greeter duty during morning drop-off.    

3. What are some of your hobbies and outlets for creative expression when you are not at work maintaining Nueva’s digital and online presence?

I am a contributing illustrator to a small San Francisco-based publication, as well as one of the invisible volunteers behind the Street Sheet — the affiliate newspaper for the Coalition on Homelessness.

I also love to do yoga and run, neither of which are creative, but both are very humbling. 

4. Most days, you commute to work on your bicycle from San Francisco. This raises the question: Which do you enjoy more, going up or down hills? Why?

Downhill, with a helmet.

5. Do you know any funny jokes?

I'll defer to Groucho Marx, "Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."



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