Shannon WongShannon’s father was an officer in the Air Force and was stationed with the French Air Force in Germany for three years. The family moved there when she was three-years old, an experience that became a formative part of her childhood. She attended French-speaking kindergarten and was immersed in all things French and German (including the candy!). After moving to Denver Colorado and living there through high school, Shannon went on to study business and economics at UCLA.

Shannon has also recently obtained SCUBA certification with her daughter, and is passionate about the ocean and ocean conservation. The two tagged whale sharks in Indonesia last winter; quite an adventure that she looks forward to doing more of, in the future.

In her free time, Shannon enjoys yoga, meditation, hiking, tennis, and travel.

1. You’re planning the upcoming 50th celebration, what interested you to get involved?

Our family has been with Nueva for 16 years. I wanted to offer this as my ‘culmination gift’ to Nueva for all that it has done for our children.


2. The 50th is sounding like it’s going to be an incredible party.  What are you most excited for?

I am excited that so many of the high school students have volunteered and that they are excited! They will be all around campus in the Greeter Booth, as Hosts, in the GCC, in the Arts & Crafts area and more. For the seniors this is their last event for volunteering as enrolled students. Please be sure to thank them for volunteering when you see them at the 50th!

Nueva is an incredible community of ‘doers’ and my experience with the 50th has only reinforced that.


3. A lot has changed at Nueva over the years, what have you seen that remains the same?

I love to see the same teachers that my children had: Carolee Fucigna, Marilyn Kimura, Cynthia Kosut, Jim Munzenrider, Dan Bennett, Steven Chanan, Fred Estes, Matt Berman, Peter Koehler, Hillary Freeman, Liza Raynal, Stephanie Englehaupt to name a few.


4. Do you have a Nueva story that stands out as a hallmark of the Nueva experience to you?

I used to do a Chinese New Year program each year in the classroom (up until 4th grade when Matt Berman kicked the parents out!). I would bring chow mein and explain to the children that the Chinese have a tradition of eating long noodles on New Year’s day to ensure a long life. One class of kindergartners thought that this meant they couldn’t chew the noodles and I discovered they were swallowing them whole!


5. What are you looking forward to this summer?

I look forward to traveling with our family; we have some terrific plans in place.



 May 12, 2017



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