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MusicMSLanding Embed 500pxThe middle school music program provides students with an in-depth understanding and appreciation for the stylistic, musical, and historical characteristics of a wide variety of music. Students learn music fundamentals including rhythm, harmony, and composition, all presented in a hands-on, experiential environment.

Fifth graders study and perform music from key cities that shaped American popular music. They investigate genres including country western, rock, folk, blues, funk, and jazz, and research key musicians and musical groups who popularized various styles from each city. As their understanding develops, they make connections with important societal events that occurred at the time this great music was being created.

The emphasis in sixth grade is exploration of western European music theory through class study and ensemble performance. Students gain a working knowledge of chord construction, rhythm, and ensemble skills.

In seventh and eighth grades, students choose music electives that speak to them, with options ranging from performance-based Groove Workshop or Steel Drums, to more reflective electives such as Like a Rolling Stone: How to Review Popular Music.

Performance opportunities abound for all music students, including lunchtime programs, many community events where they are showcased, culmination concerts, and the spring celebration of the arts. In addition, students also have opportunities to study with professional musicians who visit our campus.

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Middle School Electives

This is a sample list of music electives. Offerings change by semester.

  • Steel Drum Band
  • Roots of Rhythm Percussion Ensemble
  • Science Rap Academy
  • Groove Workshop
  • Like a Rolling Stone: How to Review Popular Music


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