Explore Nueva Virtually!

While we wish we could meet with you in person, we hope this page provides you with a clear introduction to our school and community. Through virtual tours, videos, and firsthand testimonials from Nueva community members, we hope you can still see and feel the joy of learning and teaching in a Nueva classroom, the limitless opportunities to explore and discover, and begin to understand the philosophy and value of a Nueva education for gifted children in PreK through 12th grade.

Once you have explored these and other pages on our website, you are encouraged to continue learning about Nueva’s program and sign up for various admissions events and meetings this season. Please click here to register for division-specific virtual guided tours, information sessions, program previews, panel discussions, and more!

Meet Director of Admissions Taryn Grogan

Virtual Tours

We invite you to explore these self-guided virtual tours of our campuses. We hope these photos and videos help give you a sense of the vibrant spaces and warm community we have here at Nueva.

Want to see more life at Nueva? Check out more videos from each of our divisions.


Student Voices

At Nueva, student voices are valued and respected. We regularly document the reflections of our students and alumni on their learning, their school projects, and their feelings about our community. Hear some first-person testimonials about Nueva’s culture and our students’ opinions and experiences.

A Place of Belonging

Above all, Nueva is a sanctuary for gifted learners. Our shared curiosity and love of learning bonds our community across every grade and division.

Student-teacher Relationships

Ask any of our students what they love most about Nueva and the most common answer you’ll hear is “The teachers!” 

Learning Culture with No Ceilings

Our flexible, responsive learning culture rises to meet the interests and ambitions of our students. We’re here to help them go as far and as wide as they want to go.


As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, our community is as ambitious and committed as ever to providing our students with the best possible learning experience. Explore the many creative ways our school has adapted our classroom and community activities to meet this moment in time.

NuevaFlex Summer 2020 Pilot Programs

Nueva started the fall semester with remote learning, but we are already laying the groundwork for our “new normal” this year. In a series of NuevaFlex pilots, a volunteer team of students, faculty, and staff explored what learning on campus could look like in the near future.

Lower School

Middle School

Upper School


Our Nueva community came together to support one another in big ways and small ways. Take a look at what #NuevaTogether looks like to our community!