The Nueva School has remained true to its mission to meet the needs of students with high potential, and to cultivate and serve intellectually and creatively gifted learners.

In considering students for admission, we look for evidence of:

  • intellectual curiosity and engagement
  • independent thought and depth of ideas
  • creativity and flexibility in approach to problem solving
  • divergent and critical thinking
  • ability to listen to, build on, and contribute ideas

Part of the admissions process for Grades PreK-8 includes submitting the results of an IQ evaluation. The Nueva School currently accepts the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence, Fourth Edition (WPPSI-IV) for children under six years old, and the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Fifth Edition (WISC-V) for children six years old and older.

What are the Wechsler Scales (WPPSI-IV, WISC-V)?

The Wechsler Intelligence Quotient (IQ) test is an individually administered assessment for children that yield a measure of general intelligence and knowledge.

The IQ test samples various cognitive and intellectual functions, such as language and mathematical ability, reasoning skills, and perceptual-motor abilities. However, it does not capture other important aspects of a child, such as motivation, curiosity, creativity, the ability to transition, social and self-help skills. These attributes are assessed during the campus visits, and through current school evaluation and records.

Why do you use the IQ evaluation, and is there a minimum score to be eligible?

The IQ evaluation provides a "snapshot" of your child's cognitive skills at a particular point in time. It can also provide important insights about your child's approach to different types of tasks.

The Admissions Committee has found from experience that students with a Full Scale Wechsler IQ Score of 130 and above are more likely to be successful in Nueva’s program. For this reason, this is considered our target range in the Nueva application process. 

The IQ evaluation is the first step in the application process to determine if Nueva is a potential match for your child. Once an applicant has scored in the range considered for admission, you will be able to schedule a parent interview, campus visit, and an activity session through your online Ravenna account.

The Admissions Committee carefully considers all factors in a child's profile such as developmental readiness, language exposure, academic skills, motivation, curiosity, social intelligence, resilience, and creative and divergent thinking in addition to the information yielded on the IQ scores and subtests.

How long is the IQ Test?

The WPPSI-IV (for children under six years of age) takes approximately one hour to complete. The WISC-V (for children six years old and older) takes approximately two hours and includes a break, if needed.

Please make sure

  • your child is healthy, well rested, and well fed
  • you bring nut-free snacks in case he/she becomes hungry
  • you bring eye glasses/hearing aids if your child relies on them

How does my child get an IQ evaluation?

Both the WPPSI-IV and WISC-V evaluations are offered on the Nueva campus as part of the application process. Parents are encouraged to go to Ravenna as soon as possible to view on-campus appointment scheduling options. Appointments fill quickly, and by late November they are usually booked*.

Please note that you can schedule a testing appointment before you attend a campus tour or complete an application. However, your application must be submitted through your Ravenna online account prior to the testing date. There is a $275 fee for the WPPSI-IV evaluation and a $325 fee for the WISC-V evaluation for on-campus testing. To be considered for a reduced testing fee, please contact us at

*Nueva's on-campus testing does not provide a narrative report. Test results are mailed to families and they include  a face sheet with numerical scores and percentiles along with a general description of the subtests administered on the test. If applicants need or desire  a narrative report, they must schedule the Weschler tests off-campus.

Can my child test off-campus and what do I need to know? 

Yes, some families prefer to have their child test off-campus with a licensed psychologist. In addition, most years our on-campus test appointments fill up by December 1. Once all of our on-campus appointments have been booked, applicants will need to make off-campus arrangements with a licensed psychologist in your area.

Please review our Guidelines to Submit Testing for more detailed information about testing off-campus. Be sure the psychologist you choose administers the WPPSI-IV for children under 6 years old or WISC-V for children over 6 years old. Older versions or other IQ tests will not be accepted

You will need to print and sign the release form on the second page of the Guidelines to Submit Testing document, and submit it to the psychologist. The psychologist must email or mail the signed release form, test results, and narrative report directly to the Admissions Office. WISC-V results are due January 16, 2020 and WPPSI-IV results are due February 6, 2020. Once our office receives the IQ test results and your child's application, we will advise you of the next steps, as appropriate. If you have any questions about whether your child's results are in range for Nueva admissions, please don't hesitate to call 650-350-4528 or email

What does my child need to know for the IQ test?

Please be aware that your child should not study for the evaluation, and should not have prior exposure to test materials.

Prior exposure to the Wechsler materials and/or practice questions invalidates the test results.

The Wechsler evaluation is not an achievement test that measures how much information your child has mastered. While it touches on a general fund of knowledge, it focuses on a range of underlying cognitive skills such as memory, verbal, reasoning, and the ability to evaluate abstract visual information and relationships. These skills relate more to how children think, rather than what they know. They also provide insights into intellectual strengths and learning styles. 

Can my child retake the test?

If a child does not score in range for the current admissions year, please know that you are welcome to schedule him/her to retake the evaluation after twelve months have passed.

If your child recently received an educational evaluation in another setting, you should check to see if you already have results from the Wechsler assessment. If the test results are less than two years old, you may submit them along with the completed application. The Admissions Office may request or recommend additional testing if deemed appropriate. If you have any questions regarding previous testing, don't hesitate to contact us. 

Will I receive a copy of the results?

Yes, parents are mailed a cover letter and a one-page numerical summary score sheet. You will receive the results within two weeks. Along with the test results, you will receive a general information sheet about each of the test measures and the different cognitive domains that are assessed. You should call the Admissions Office if the results do not arrive within two weeks.

If you have consulted a psychologist privately, you will need to ask him/her when you can expect the results and what will be included in the report.

What if I do not want to know the results?

If you prefer not to know your child’s scores, you can request that they not be sent to you at the time of the evaluation. In that case, you will only receive a cover letter advising you of the next steps, as appropriate.

What if English is my child’s second language?

If your child’s first language is not English, it is important for the psychologist to have this information prior to testing. Please let us know when you are scheduling the appointment.

There is no difference in the administration, content, or scoring of the test, but it does help the psychologist interpret the test results. The Wechsler instructions are given in English, and the results are relative to a child's age and normed on a mono-lingual English population.

If you have any questions about the process as it relates to your child's linguistic profile, please contact the Admissions Office: 650-350-4528 or

Should I wait until my child is older to take the test?

Nueva requires children to be at least three years, ten months old to take the Wechsler test. We recommend that children be at least four years old, because the evaluation yields more information with additional subtests. However, the Wechsler scores adjust for age, and are based on your child's birth date, as well as extensive studies of children in the same age range.

As one would expect, there is variation in the ability of young children to perform and focus on tasks. Some young children may not be ready to sit for an hour for the assessment. For multi-lingual children, with a primary language other than English, an assessment at a younger age may under-represent a child’s cognitive abilities. If you are unsure of your child's readiness, feel free to contact us for more information.

What should I tell my child about the test?

With young children in particular, we encourage parents to downplay the notion of a “test” and suggest that it is a time to have an adult's undivided attention to complete tasks and help with important jobs. It is a great time to share what they know. Tell them you will be waiting in a room close by.

The psychologists will help your child feel relaxed and engaged. If your child is sitting the evaluation off campus, a similar approach is recommended.

We strongly recommend that parents do not discuss the results of testing with young children because they lack a context for being able to process the information.

Can I submit testing before the application?

For children who are taking the Wechsler evaluation on campus, your application must be submitted through your Ravenna online account prior to testing. Children will not be allowed to sit for the on-campus evaluation without Part I of the Nueva application on file.

If you want to have your child take the Wechsler test before you apply, you will need to schedule an appointment with an off-campus licensed psychologist before January 9, 2020, Nueva's application due date. Please provide the psychologist with a copy of The Nueva Guidelines and Release Form. Note that once you have submitted your application, we accept off-campus WISC-V test results up to 5 pm on January 24, 2020 and up to February 6, 2020 for WPPSI-IV test results. If your child's testing date is after January 9, you will need to submit your Nueva application and application fee of $90 by 5 pm on January 9, 2020 in order to be in the admissions process for the 2020-2021 school year.

In the context of the Nueva admissions process, test results are valid for two admissions cycles. After that the applicant will need to retest. Children who have taken the Wechsler test within the past twelve months cannot take the evaluation again. One calendar year has to pass before a child can be retested. 

What if my child is unwell on the day of testing?

If your child seems ill, please call us at 650-350-4528 to reschedule your child's appointment.

Families that notify our office 24 hours in advance of a cancellation will not be charged the $275 testing fee for the WPPSI-IV or the $325 testing fee for the WISC-V. Families that give less than 24 hours notice will be charged a $50 late cancellation fee.

If your child is even slightly sick, we urge you to keep him/her at home and reschedule your testing appointment. It is important that children are healthy and feeling well for the one-time evaluation, as it  cannot be taken again within a calendar year. A child's condition may worsen during the test, or he/she may be contagious and put others' health at risk.

What is the deadline for submitting outside test scores?

WISC-V test results for grades 2-8 must be submitted no later than 5 pm on January 24, 2020.

WPPSI-IV test results for grades PreK-1* must be submitted no later than 5 pm on February 6, 2020.

Please note that the earlier the results are sent in, the more options there are in terms of scheduling campus visits and parent interviews.

*Test scores for Late-Birthday PreK applicants (children turning four years old between February 1 and June 1) must be received by April 3, 2020.

For PreK applicants turning four years old between June 2 and September 1, we require that you contact the Admissions Office: 650-350-4528 or before you schedule IQ testing and apply to Nueva.

As always, if you have any questions, please ask!

The Admissions Office is always delighted to receive applications well in advance of the deadline!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate
to call 650-350-4528,
or email