Thank you for your interest in Nueva! Through Ravenna Solutions, our online admissions system, you can sign up for events and campus tours, fill out and submit application components, and monitor your application status. To access all of these features, click the "Apply Online" button below.

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Step 1: Create an account with Ravenna Solutions

You may choose to inquire first, and then create an online account when you are ready to apply.

Need help with Ravenna? Watch the tutorial below:


Step 2: Submit Part I & the application fee of $90. To be considered for a reduced application fee, please contact us at

Age Requirements for year of entry:

  • Prekindergarten: 4 years old by September 1 (children born between June-September will follow a "rolling admissions process")
  • Kindergarten: 5 years old by September 1
  • First grade: 6 years old by September 1
PreK Only: Late birthday applicants (children born Feb-June 1)

Approximately half of the PreK class is offered enrollment in March, and the other half in early April. Students who receive wait pool letters in March will be reconsidered for the second round of offers mailed in April.

PreK Only: Rolling Admissions Process (children born June-Sept 1)

The majority of our PreK class will be offered admission in March and April. If we have space in the PreK class after late-April, we will accept PreK applications from children with birthdays from June to September 1. All families interested in Rolling Admissions for PreK, please contact us before proceeding with the scheduling of your child's IQ test or submitting the Nueva Application.

Step 3: Schedule a testing appointment for your child to sit either the Wechsler WPPSI-IV IQ Evaluation, (under six years old) or WISC-V Evaluation, (over six years old ).

For on-campus testing

  • Appointments are available on-campus October through early February.
  • Appointments are scheduled through your Ravenna account.
  • The testing fee is $225. To be considered for a reduced testing fee, please contact us.
  • Submit Part 1 of your child's application before their on-campus test date or the application deadline, whichever date comes first.

For off-campus testing

  • Alternatively, you can select to complete the IQ evaluation off-campus with a licensed psychologist of your choice. The psychologist must submit the Release Form directly to the Admissions office no later than February 1 for the WISC V or February 8 for the WPPSI IV. Your child's application due date remains unchanged.
  • Please review and share our Guidelines to Submit Testing with the administering psychologist.


Step 4: Schedule a Campus Visit – Grades 2-4 Only.

The Campus Visit is an opportunity for your child to experience "life at Nueva" by accompanying Nueva students through their school day.

Note: Campus Visits are scheduled after testing results and Part I of the application have been submitted and reviewed by our Admissions Office. You are given a code to register.

Step 5: Parent/Guardian Interview.

The Parent/Guardian Interview is an opportunity to meet with one of our Admissions Staff, ask any questions, and allow us to learn more about your child. Interviews typically range from 30-45 minutes.

Note: Interviews are scheduled after testing results and Parts I and II of the application have been submitted and reviewed by our Admissions Office. You are given a code to register.

Step 6: Schedule an Activity Session – PreK-4.

The Activity Session is similar to a Nueva classroom setting. Students engage in group meeting time, age-appropriate math, reading and writing activities, snack, and free play or collaborative design challenges. 

Note: Activity Sessions are scheduled after testing results and Parts I and II of the application have been submitted and reviewed by our Admissions Office. You are given a code to register.

Step 7: Required Supplemental Materials

Student Evaluation Forms are completed and submitted to Nueva directly by the student's current teachers/counselor. Parents delegate the evaluation forms through Ravenna. Teachers electronically submit forms through Ravenna.

Supplemental Forms are due by 5:00pm on the application deadline:

  • Confidential Student Evaluation Form (PreK-1)
  • Supplemental Confidential Student Evaluation (PreK-1)
  • Confidential Student Evaluation Form (Grades 2 - 8)
  • Transcript Release Form and Transcripts (Grades 1 - 8): We require the previous year's progress reports/grades, standardized test scores, and current grades when they become available. All materials should be uploaded to your child's Ravenna account.


The Admissions Office is always delighted to receive applications
well in advance of the deadline! 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call 650-350-4528,
or email

The Nueva School is a member of the Independent Schools of the San Francisco Bay Area (ISSFBA) and Bay Area Independent High Schools (BAIHS).
Please review our Principles of Good Practice.



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