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Visible Learning Project exhibits are displayed at each division providing students, teachers, parents, and campus visitors with a dynamic and informative space to celebrate and reflect upon learning at Nueva.

Over the course of an academic year, each grade participates in the documentation process capturing the full life cycle of a project from inception through completion, presentation, and assessment.

The VLP Mission

The Visible Learning Project aims to authentically document learning for the Nueva community.

For our students by honoring their efforts over the course of a project and beyond
For our teachers by enabling reflection on their practice through conversation and the powerful process of documentation
For current Nueva families by providing a window into the depth and intentionality of the work happening in and beyond their own child’s classroom
For our prospective Nueva families by allowing them to experience the full breadth of a typical project or study at Nueva
For the many various visitors on our campuses by showcasing our learning process across all grade levels

Displays Include
  • Project overviews of divisions, objectives, and disciplines
  • Photos and examples of brainstorming and preliminary work
  • Interviews with teachers and students
  • Iterations of inquiry and process
  • Documentation of final results
  • Examples of reflection, feedback, and assessment

Lower School Winter Visible Learning Project

The Nueva Garden Provides Authentic (and Delicious) Learning
The Nueva Garden has been a pillar of the student experience since the founding of campus. It has provided a student-centered space for exploration and authentic discovery for thousands of students. When students enter the garden, they are observing, asking questions, linking concepts, and collaborating. Students leave the garden more aware of connection between the seeds, soil, worms,pollinators, and vegetables and fruits they see at home. They are able to bring these experiences and observations back to the classroom, giving their studies authentic context.

Lower School VLP Archives
Winter 2017 – The Nueva Garden Provides Authentic (and Delicious) Learning
Fall 2017 – Second-Grade History Detectives Explore Immigration
Winter 2016 – Kindergarten Students Solfe The Case of the Missing Gingerbread Man
Fall 2016 – Zubin Leads Students to "Learn By Digging"


MS Winter VLP Spice

Seventh-grade Students Explore History through the Study of Global Commodities

Seventh-grade humanities students develop their understanding of how connected their world has become. They arrive at this understanding through inquiry and authentic research projects that span multiple disciplines. This exploration leads to a question – How did the world become connected? Students unravel this story through document-based inquiry, studying the periods of exploration, colonialism, and imperialism that shaped the modern world.

Middle School VLP Archives
Winter 2017 – Seventh-Grade Students Explore History Through the Study of Global Commodities
Fall 2017 – Developing Innovative Teachers for the 21st Century

Winter 2016 – Seventh-Grade Spanish Students Visit the Murals in the San Francisco Mission


US Winter VLP Chaucer

Ninth-Grade English: The Canterbury Tales Pilgrimage Project
Chaucer's Canterbury Tales presents a uniquely diverse group of pilgrims on their journey to Canterbury in 1380. This project brings together the newest members of the Upper School to work collaboratively in designing a 10-minute, modern-day pilgrimage through the school. In the process, students connect to the text, each other, and the landscape of the Upper School.

Upper School VLP Archives
Winter 2017 – Ninth-Grade English: The Canterbury Tales Pilgrimage ProjectWinter 2017 – Ninth-Grade English: The Canterbury Tales Pilgrimage Project
Fall 2017 – Ninth-Graders Travel to Peru with Observant Minds and Open Hearts
Winter 2016 – Senior Drug Design Class Researches Wintergreen Active E. coli



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