A global perspective requires understanding how historians, social scientists, philosophers, and artists communicate and think differently about the world. Our students will work to understand the different languages and modes of thinking that shape these and other disciplinary perspectives.

English Language & Literature
Our expeditions into canonical and emerging literatures of the Americas, Africa, Europe, and Asia are designed to ignite a life-long adventure of the mind. The Great Dialogue and Literatures of Globalization have a two year global focus: what Robert Maynard Hutchins called "The Great Conversation" is now broader, but just as essential. Integrated Studies in American History & Literature and senior elective seminars provide new transdisciplinary frameworks for students to ponder and ask vital questions about the human condition. With visits from practicing writers, participation in local literary events, and a focus on published writing, our Writing and Research Center fosters dynamic reading and writing practices to enable students to create elegant solutions and craft works of beauty.

History, Social Sciences & Civics
HSSC nurtures the examined life for wise, engaged citizenship. By studying each social science discipline, and working at the synthesis of many, we seek to engender innovative, global thinkers who challenge themselves to view human societal evolution in new ways. By applying the tools and analysis fundamental to a variety of disciplines to real-world historical problems, students in Global History acquire both an overarching understanding of the "grand narratives" of history in Renaissances & Revolutions, and in Roots of Globalization and electives, they exercise sustained focus, immersing into specific historical periods, cultural practices, and political problems. Integrated Studies in American History and Literature cultivates the informed use of interdisciplinary lenses to investigate
the formation and dynamics of civilizations, while senior research seminars and field studies provide frameworks for recognizing ethical dilemmas and for the practice of transformative leadership.

World Languages
Our compass for cultural exploration, language is an interactive map for our cultural "viajes," both in time and space. Immersion in linguistic and cultural study of Spanish, Japanese or Mandarin powerfully expands empathy in communication. In a global world, fluency and oral proficiency impart a necessary and deeper understanding of diverse cultural perspectives. Upper years allow for the study of two languages, including Latin.

Visual & Performing Arts
The artistic process invites failure and reinvention. In our Creative Intelligence: Craftsmanship programs, "make is the new think," as all students have the opportunity for creative expression and skill development in one or more art forms. Students may choose a semester of immersion in one arts discipline (dance, theater, music, visual arts, photography or film) or exposure to multiple disciplines in a single year. In Nueva's Theory-Skills-Practice- Performance framework, students demonstrate mastery by directing/designing their own works.




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