Trips in the Upper School are immersive learning experiences that serve several purposes: they help students get to know each other better (August orientation camping trips); they provide opportunities for students to actively explore history, global studies, social anthropology, and environmental stewardship, they allow students to participate, hands-on, in conservation and scientific research in action, and they immerse students in unique experiences of American history and culture.

9th Grade
August Sierras
Students will spend two nights in the Sierras. Although the focus of the trip is on bonding and community-building, activities will include curricular experiences related to plant biology and California history. Students will also have the chance to do some climbing and hiking.
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May Peru
Students explore questions related to history, global studies, social anthropology, and environmental stewardship. This 10-day trip provides a transformational journey for our students, taking them into Latin America and the deep roots of Incan civilization to study its history and cultural anthropology.
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10th Grade
August Russian River
Tenth graders will spend two nights on a Russian River canoeing trip. They will spend the days in canoes moving between sites and camping out on the beaches at night.
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February Costa Rica
Students will spend 10 days participating in conservation and scientific research. Half their time will be spent at the Monteverde Institute (cloud rainforest; multi-disciplinary connections). The other half will be spent at Playa Grande (Pacific Ocean beach; STEM research focus)
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11th Grade

Marin Headlands
Students spend one night in the Marin Headlands after a day of sea-kayaking, meditation, group reflection, and hiking. The goal of this trip is to set a tone of fun, relaxation, and self-empowerment as the 11th-grade class begins to take on the academic rigors of their third high-school year. The trip concludes with a one-hour solo reflection on students’ hopes for the year and their visions for how they will take care of themselves and others as they move towards graduation from Nueva. A picnic in Golden Gate Park concludes this mid-September trip.


American Studies
Traveling in small groups within the US, students will select from among several options, all of which are linked to American history, culture, and identity. Students will gain an understanding of America through face-to-face interchanges with everyone from academics to social activists to everyday citizens. A sampling of learning trips includes a study of Native American history in New Mexico, an in-depth exploration of immigration and immigration issues in Southern California and Mexico, and a survey of the American South in Georgia and South Carolina. The small research teams will synthesize their findings and present them to the larger Nueva community in early March.

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