GrMSAdvisoryTrip2Throughout the school year, Middle School students participate in local trips related to their studies. In addition, each Middle School advisory begins the year with an overnight camping trip to acclimate new students and for each advisory group to bond. The culmination of Nueva's Trips Program is international travel.

GrMSAdvisoryTrip1The sixth grade goes to Washington, DC, and surrounding areas. The trip serves as a culminating experience as the curriculum focuses on American history, particularly colonial America and US constitutional history. Students engage in hands-on activities in Williamsburg, Virginia, to cement their understanding of colonial life. In Washington, students visit government buildings, tour monuments and Smithsonian Institution museums, meet with congressional representatives, and spend time at the newly renovated Newseum.

Each spring, the seventh grade participates in a five-day outdoor program in Yosemite National Park and goes to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, in Ashland. In the Sierra Nevada, students learn the skills necessary for traveling and living safely in the wilderness, including caring for others, purifying water, securing food away from animals, helping cook meals, and cleaning dishes.

gr5camping1Students begin their teamwork before the trip by participating in food and nutrition planning, equipment testing and organization, and physical fitness exercises. At the Shakespeare Festival, students attend professional productions of the plays they have performed during Drama Conservatory.

In the spring, eighth graders go to a country whose residents speak the language they've studied while in Middle School—Spanish, Japanese, or Mandarin. Usually, students either go to Spain, Japan, or China. Trips include homestays with host families, attending a local school, and travel to several locations within the country.



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