Starting in first grade, students participate in developmentally appropriate, intensive, immersive trips to enhance learning through direct, hands-on experiences. In first grade, the trips sequence begins with the entire grade sleeping over in the Mansion Ballroom and culminates, in eighth grade and during the high school years, as students travel nationally and internationally to further their integrated studies.

The first-grade Ballroom sleepover is a fun and exciting evening for students. Most activities are centered in the Ballroom, outside areas, and classrooms. Children work in teams to prepare and clean up after meals and snacks. Parents have opportunities to organize, cook, and clean up the breakfast.
Second through fourth graders go on increasingly longer camping trips: second grade for two days, third grade for three days, and fourth grade for four days. While the locations may change each year, they are all within a bus ride of the Nueva Hillsborough campus, and at each site students have the opportunity to work together to build camp, prepare meals, experience the beauty of our area, and spend time together.

In each location, our students spend time with area naturalists to extend classroom learning to the natural locale. Students have camped at sites in the Santa Cruz mountains, Pescadero, Sonoma County, and have had opportunities to learn about our area’s old-growth redwoods, water conservation streams, and environmental ecology.

Students grow in immeasurable ways as their experiences develop their increasing self-reliance, problem solving skills, new friendships, and scientific knowledge of the beautiful Bay Area.



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