TechNueva's technology program focuses on the use of technology resources and tools. Our goal is to integrate these resources and tools into projects and disciplines using the same hardware and software professionals use in the workplace. We provide a unique set of offerings that incorporate critical, design, and computational thinking.

The school focuses on creating a curriculum to foster an appreciation of technology through creation, collaboration, knowledge acquisition, and an understanding of current and future technology issues. Teaching mental and physical skills, fostering experiences, and covering specific technologies are all parts of this effort.

While elements of the program involve skill acquisition, others involve building understanding and creating mental tool sets. The school uses core classes, academies, electives, choices, enrichment, and intensives to foster in-depth learning on technology-related topics. Some elements are interest driven, while others are mandatory in order to open possibilities to children who might not have otherwise taken an interest in technology. The ultimate object is to ensure  each student has a wide range of technical proficiencies by the time he/she graduates.

The technology program is designed to encourage technical integration in the classroom to facilitate learning and to build skills such as digital and online literacy, media literacy, online search and research, and technical resilience and resourcefulness. Across disciplines and grades, teachers develop these skills and mindsets with students throughout the year.

The focus of technology integration in the classroom is both on the final outcome and the creation or development process, whether it is a tangible product, (like a video, song, or document), or a learning outcome, (such as building local community or understanding human body systems). The program is also based on the school's founding principle of innovation and an institutional passion for experimentation. The flexible nature of technological tools promotes experimentation through easy modification, customization, and revision, thus promoting risk taking and innovation.

Through curriculum projects, students learn new computing-technology skills. On a typical day, one might observe students improving keyboarding skills while posting a blog comment, working on their FIRST Lego League Robotics competition, or editing a video presentation. Children gain confidence in the use of a wide variety of tools.

In Lower School, computing technology and design engineering is the main focus. In Middle School, technology exposure and experience increases as students are expected to create digital portfolios of work as part of their normal classroom experience. You can find more information here about the Lower School program and the Middle School program.

Nueva's technology program moved beyond the auspices of computing technology to include technology-based disciplines such as robotics, architecture, and engineering. We have launched a variety of programs, such as starting an award-winning FIRST Lego League Robotics team, and teaching Photoshop, Scratch, HTML, Javascript, PHP, Python, and Java programming, as well as teaching game development (using Unity 3D or Android Apps). To provide our innovators of tomorrow with business-development strategies and tools, we created an Architecture Club and an Entrepreneurial Club. We also increased the reach of our design-engineering programs to include more grades. Learn more about design-engineering classes and the Innovation Lab.

The school has also made significant investments in infrastructure to provide technology-rich experiences with a mind toward differentiation and enhancing learning. Learn more here about the school's technology platform.



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