Nueva is the place that I know as my second home, this beautiful place where you can be yourself. I love Nueva because it’s a home for everybody – whether you are an artist, a musician, a mathematician, or a writer, Nueva is your home. Everyone is celebrated for their talents and individuality.

-Former Nueva 8th grader


Other schools might say that Middle School is a weird and awkward time in a child’s life. At Nueva, we say the opposite. The middle school years are a time of excitement, in which students find their voice and discover how they can make an impact on the world.

Nueva is dedicated to providing middle school students with a carefully designed academic experience that meets them where they are, turning the forces at work on their bodies and minds into creative energy that unleashes ideas, passions and, most importantly, the confidence to view themselves as thinkers, learners and problem-solvers. This occurs in a community that values intellectual risk-taking, empathetic collaboration and supportive care of all members.

Why is Nueva Uniquely Suited to the Middle School Student?

  • Focus exclusively on the needs of gifted adolescents, incorporating research-based best practices
  • Students’ schedules include social-emotional learning and design engineering courses
  • Exceptional faculty, advisors, mentors, and administrators who care deeply and listen closely to students’ questions, passions and goals
  • Opportunities for expressive arts and extensive individual choice
  • Balanced focus on health and wellness, directly addressing the needs and concerns of middle school students
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Nueva’s constructivist, project-based approach uses primary source material and in-depth study to create real-world experiences in and out of the classroom. Learning is active and interdisciplinary, resulting in projects that often involve two or three traditional subject areas. Instead of final exams, students share their knowledge through participation in culminating events, such as the Silk Road Bazaar and Solar House projects.

Technology is integrated into the curriculum, through a one-to-one laptop program, supporting subjects as diverse as geometry, digital art, and world language acquisition.

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Find Your Voice

It is essential for students to feel connected and valued by their peers and adults, and to stretch themselves to care for others. Only then will they enjoy the freedom to follow their passions and try new things. Signature program elements uniquely suited to adolescents allow them time to develop their identities and their community:


Global Citizens

Vital to developing students’ view of themselves as part of the larger world is the integration of the Humanities, World Languages, Trips & Community Service curriculum.


Learn by Doing, Learn by Caring

At Nueva, Learn by Doing, Learn by Caring permeates everything we do. Nueva teachers craft curriculum that enables students to bring classroom learning to life by designing original experiments, running simulations, and solving real-world problems. Design Thinking guides the process and gives new meaning to the word “failure” as all outcomes, expected or not, are analyzed and appreciated for the deep learning that they bring. Learn by Caring means that Nueva students are given opportunities to expand their horizons, and be exposed to issues on a local and global scale. They begin to trust that they are problem-solvers capable of making a positive difference in the world.






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