preK1The prekindergarten program views young gifted learners as curious, competent, and engaged researchers who socially construct knowledge through interactions with their environment and other people. An emphasis on positive relationships is central while students problem-solve, collaborate, and play with others who have equally strong interests, perspectives, and viewpoints.

The prekindergarten program follows The Nueva School calendar. Starting in 2017-2018, the program will run Monday-Friday, from 8:30am to 3:25pm.

During their time in school, children explore ideas, concepts, and extended study topics through a variety of mediums (e.g., math, visual arts, sand, wood, dramatic play, and writing), allowing teachers to more fully understand children's meanings, support their efforts, guide learning, and ask better questions.

The curriculum integrates the concept that children engage in more than just internal, solitary, and cognitive processing when at school. They process knowledge socially as they reflect, revisit, and revamp ideas and theories with classmates. The curriculum is flexible and emergent -- open to change and adjustment -- as teachers, children, and parents consistently communicate. This flexibility is woven into a strong background of planning that helps scaffold a study path.

Children's interests generate and guide specific investigations. Teachers dovetail their own foci with student's interests to provide a curriculum frame. Ongoing documentation is essential, as it provides a focus for reflection and for planning learning experiences. Documentation also allows the educational process to be visible to and shared with the school community to highlight children's depth of learning.

Parents play an integral role and participate in the educational process. Meaningful involvement is available in many ways, from ongoing classroom participation to liaison work with the Nueva Parents Association.



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